Anybody remember the name of a clear panel speaker?

Can anyone remember the name of a clear panel speaker - stereo? It works by vibrating a piece of plastic or something. Its not a normal speaker with the circular metal magnit part.

Any help is appreciated.

Damn, I remember trying to use them on a monitor once… you could hide the little acoustic vibrators in the front bezel and the screen itself was the speaker. Sorry, forgot the name…

NXT makes the technology. They are considered good but not hi-fi and they haven’t solved the issue of bass response without using typical cone drivers.


You mean ribbon speakers? Martin-Logan makes them if that is what you’re looking for. Basically vibrates a clear plastic membrane to the specific frequency, but as mentioned above, lack bass response. That can be taken care of by utilizing a transducer or a standard subwoofer. Best part about ribbon speakers is that there is no real “sweet spot,” as the sound eminates from everywhere.

Little tidpit of info…back in 2000, Audi offered a Sony ribbon speaker upgrade on their new A8. It was something like $10K extra.

Although electrostatic speakers use clear polyester, it appears that the idea is to transform a monitor screen into a transducer, hence NXT.


a manhattan gallery showed them off last year TKNY was the galley sorry dont know the name of the device but i saw them their.

Do you mean these?

NXT technology is pretty much garbage- No low end.

There is also this thing:

It’s called a Soundbug and is based on similar technology as the NXT. It also has the same limited ability to reproduce bass.