Anybody knows anything about Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex??

To all designers out there. Please help.
I saw an ads about looking for intern at Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex in Richmond, VA. Anybody know anythings about this company (about their design studio, any good designers…). Are they design driven or engineer driven? I check out their products and most of them look very badly design. I also have heard that the design manager isn’t good and they don’t care much about design.

Is Hamilton Beach a good place to learn and work for??

Please help.

It is a small ID group - 4 or 5 designers. Design is part of marketing and engineering is in a separate building.

The design manager seems very knowledgeable and does care about design.

I’m not sure how much say the ID dept has in the overall product development process though - most of their stuff is as you say, very bland. Seems like the rest of the marketing group keeps things conservative and holds the ID group back from doing really great work.

Just as an FYI, you probably shouldn’t go saything things like “I also have heard that the design manager isn’t good and they don’t care much about design.” if you want an internship there. I would bet money he and the rest of the dept. frequent this forum as well.

The ID community is very small in general. That’ll burn you one of these days…

If you think their products are badly designed, that shouldn’t be a sign for you to stay away, maybe they need you to make things better. A place that already does super star design probably doesn’t need another chef as much as another place, all about how you look at it.
And definitely be careful with the personal comments, people talk.
Go for the internship, you’ll learn something and it’ll make it easier for you to get more work if you get it. Getting your foot in the door is a very important thing at this stage in your career. Good luck.