anybody know?

who are the finalists in the National Design Awards Product Category this year?

All I can find online are the Architecture finalists.

Product designers get no respect!

Finalists or the category of product design (consumer goods, technology, home and office furnishings) are:

Boym Partners—The Boym Partners reflect on everyday aspects of American lifestyle and landscape. With Curious George as their role model, the Boym’s are driven by curiosity to experiment with elements of daily life. They have created playful products and environments for an international list of companies, including Alessi, Swatch, Flos, and Vitra, and their designs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The Russian-born Constantin Boym taught at Parsons School of Design from 1988 to 2000 and has been running the New York-based design studio since 1986 with Laurene Boym, who is currently teaching at the School of Visual Arts, N.Y.

Burt Rutan—Burt Rutan has been fascinated with constructing aircraft from his own designs since his childhood. In 1982, he founded his California-based aircraft design, tooling, fabrication and flight testing company, Scaled Composites. The firm’s latest flying prototypes, the White Knight and SpaceShipOne, designed to take human passengers on the world’s first private manned mission to the edge of space, recently won the $10 million Ansari X Prize for private space travel. In early 2005, the Rutan-designed GlobalFlyer, a single-plane, single-turbofan aircraft circumnavigated the earth, unfueled, in 67 hours.

Bill Stumpf—Stumpf Weber Associates of Minneapolis is a design laboratory impelled by inquiry and research. Leading the charge of designing ergonomic products for companies like Herman Miller, Stumpf started a seating revolution in 1974 with the design of the Ergon Chair. Two decades later, he collaborated in the design of the Aeron chair, which has been ranked the world’s most comfortable office chair. Before its public launch, the Aeron Chair was accessioned into the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection in 1994.[/b]