Anybody have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone

I get a ton of ads for these, mainly on Hulu. Not that I would ever ditch the apple ecosystem but just wondering if anyone has one? What does it feel like across that fold when the screen is open?

I have been using flip 3 for over a year now. Got it during pre-sales

One thing i must say, i have been pointed out for the phone a lot anytime in public and mostly got compliments.
You will be surprised but the best one was at Apple store by their staff during black friday Iphone sale.

He literally said " oh wow I like your phone, it’s pretty cool"

Since then i have been wondering this could be such an ad opportunity for Samsung, getting such compliment from Apple staff, LOL

Talking about my experience:

  • It’s defintiely good
  • The fold bothers initially but you get used to it
    -Samsung has tied up with android to update few apps for fold ecosytem so they can split in 2 screens and that actually works
  • I find it most useful for video calling, as it serves as stand and i don’t need to keep holding


  • Due to 2 sections, battery size is small and doesn’t last long especially if you use your camera or instagram too much
  • Phone even heats up sometime with continuous usage over 1 hr for camera. But for me that’s mostly when using for instagram
    I recently started using more of it as trying to grow my pet’s account…haha!!

Overall it’s a good phone !!