anybody got an idea on what to name my company

Hi everyone,
I have been trying to come up with a name for my company for months, I have really overly thought about it and I am burnt out. I was hoping someone might have an idea…
I basically do two things. I create construction drawings that builders use to build houses. I also create artists renderings of homes for builders or real estate agents to use to sell the houses.
I was thinking something like designworks, but that is taken. I liked styleworks or planworks but that is pretty generic. Although one word would be cool like pure, or Clear, or 100% but those really don’t say anything about what I do.
Any ideas welcome, thanks.

forget you ever heard the words, works, worx or design. don’t use them, they suck




How about something like BaseLine or something like that? Since the drawing you use are then made into physical buildings, some manner of things beginning from you might be interesting

Just popped into my head while reading…best of luck!

Check out the book:
“Designing Brand Identity: A Complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands”
by Alina Wheeler
ISBN: 0471213268

There is some information about naming a company… among other things you need to consider (legal issues etc.) This book discusses a process for coming up with an identity (which includes naming.)

Many people pay for naming services.

Datum Design Group (DDG), but can 1 person constitute a “group”?

Good luck.

Hey everybody,
Thanks for the replies so far. I am really liking BOLT because it relates to construction and bolts hold things together, i.e. my design pulls everything together. Also, Baseline is cool because my work is the basis for things to happen. Thanks for the help so far everyone. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere thanks to you… :bulb:

you do know Bolt is already taken…


how about, Uncreative schmuck

WOW! Apparently you have never had a creative block, you are amazing. Ideas don’t happen in a bubble. Sometimes you get stuck, especially if it something important to you. It is great to generate ideas with your peers. They help you, you help them and you both get better at generating ideas. Haven’t you ever felt reenergized after talking to your peers about a project? Not that you get the exact answer but a different perspective.

Isn’t “Hauser” available now? :wink:

…Yup, looks like it.

how about UFO:2FAST4BMW, I hear that gets a lot of love.

Here’s a few spitballs:
move inc

of sourse Strategery is very current :wink:

sorry I couldn’t come up with anything good in like 15 seconds. If something hits me, I’ll fire it in.

Revolver rocks… It just sounds cool.

Oh, be nice!

Building Images

If you go with revolver, I would suggest that you soften the over all corporate identity and brand image, make sure you do not use an image of a gun (obviously) I think that Revolver is a great name for a company like yours and the industry you are in. did you know that revolver is also the name of many flower types including a rear orchid.

The good thing about that one is you could malke all kinds of kitchy tounge in cheek comments like, hire us to blow your competition away. we’ve got a bullet with your compition’s name on it, and Revolver, I don’t even know 'er.