Anybody else excited for Matrix Resurrections?

The Verge review wasn’t too favorable:

Where The Matrix yearned to talk about big ideas like free will and the nature of reality, Resurrections is a series of burns on techbros, obsessive fans, the media industry, people who think quoting movies makes them cool, and other lesser contemporary villains.

But honestly that sounds entertaining to me :slight_smile:

Streaming on HBO Max, Dec 22, midnight PT

I saw The Matrix at the theatre when it came out in 1999, and I went in hardly knowing anything about it. I’m not too sure if the campaigns left a lot to the imagination or I just thought “Cool! a sci-fi movie with Keanu Reeves.” My mind was blown during that movie. I will definitely do my best to see it as soon as I can.

Im excited for it - Going to see it tomorrow. Im not expecting anything ground breaking like the original…but I am looking for a bit of nostalgia, sci-fi fun, and lots of shootouts and bullet dodging… its John Wick 3.5 :slight_smile:

Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen) looks as young as he did in The Matrix whereas Neo and Trinity have aged. If this is not addressed in the story, then this may be just appear to be another callous money grab by Hollywood to those who have watched the franchise grow over time.

It’s time.

Well…. That’s 2.5 hours I’ll never get back… a decent premise and some great performances but I think the editing just seemed off or something? Also, probably just getting old but I find the extended action sequences just boring and the mass casualties really hard to watch!

Kind of like Dune? :wink:

I kid of course, but yes, this was an entirely dumbed down version. I guess Neil Patrick Harris had the tolerances off when he setting up the critical quality attributes of Neo’s and Trinity’s pods. Too close. Whoopsies.

I guess the director must be a huge John Lennon fan, all you need is love.

How many clichés can you do for this dreck?

My family watched “Into the Spider-Verse” because my kids are just old enough for that now. My wife had the same comment about it as Michael had about the Matrix, which is why were the action sequences so long. I didn’t mind, but sometimes I’d prefer a tight 90 minute movie.

Was excited to watch it. Fell asleep watching it. Felt like they were re-using the same characters/scenes just with a new plot twist. Too bad.

It was kind of like The Force Awakens which is just another Star Wars Movie where they blow up a Death Star (er, Star Killer Base)… this is just another Matrix where Neo needs to wake up and realize what he can do. So disappointing in terms of the plot. While The Force Awakens was pure fan service, I at least found it enjoyable. This couldn’t even rise to the level of entertaining for me.

They were onto something with the meta nature of it in the second 30 minutes and then they just squandered it. They could have brought it back around by having Neo close a laptop at the end and saying “the 4th game is all done” or something like that and made a much more interesting movie conceptually.

A few nights ago we watched Shang-Chi. The fight scenes in that were 100x more interesting. The fight choreography was beautiful.

It’s funny, the original Matrix also blew my mind. But then some black dude said it’s the ultimate white guy’s movie, and that sobers you up. But yes, I am a white guy, I can’t jump, and I like the Matrix, so I’ll probably watch this sometime soon.