Anybody else excited for Dune?

Can’t say for sure about specific lines, but in the new one there are several instances of voice over in another language that kind of come out of nowhere. I definitely feel like that was an homage to the instances of inner monologue voice over from Lynch’s version.

In my experience (Gen Y), there’s a lot of Gen X love out there for Lynch’s version since they saw it when they were kids. Personally I really love most of Lynch’s stuff and its intentional messiness, but the messiness of his Dune is something else entirely. It doesn’t feel intentional at all. To me that movie looks, sounds, is written, and is acted more in line with something that came out a year after The Wizard of Oz than a year after Return of the Jedi.

But if you love it, more power to ya. Not gonna yuck your yum.

Inasmuch as a Gen X can ‘do’ irony, I totally accept your characterization of the Lynch film, and think the amateur corniness is part of its appeal. For really, really bad, you should attempt to watch the version that Lynch disavowed, which was intended for a two-part TV miniseries. They explain the whole universe in the first five or ten minutes with what look like colored pencil sketches. That, and the scene of the baby worm vomiting blue bile, make for a surreal view.

The line ‘here’s here, my lord’ is spoken by Rev Mother in the Lynch version for the entrance of the Navigator, and by…someone else in the new film, to introduce Stilgar. I think there was another line too - will have to peruse the HBO.

I was thinking more in terms of the age of the directors but I do think the Lynch version has been adopted for its wackiness for sure as a cult classic.

Spoilers, if you have already seen the movie:

Well that was quick. WB gave the green light to Dune Part 2

Hells yeah!

This seems almost designer-trite to remark upon, but the film title design (and associated background) is understated, restrained, almost perfect. (The light-source making the middle bar of the E feels like Marketing got involved.)

Wonder if Frank Herbert knew how this could look when giving the book its title. One shape four ways. Any designer would want to work on that brief!

The casting change up is what threw me the most :smiley:

'Thopter concept art from concept designer George Hull

Highly highly impractical with four or eight reciprocating and leveraged wing elements beating at ~300RPM. Which makes the production design prop even more awesome. ‘Air Power’ indeed.

To answer the OP’s question, no.

I never read the book and barely remember the 1980s version.

My complaint, its a story, get to it. 155 minutes took me 3 sessions to watch. And all we got was boy meets girl and dad died (which was entirely telegraphed from the dad’s very first appearance on screen). Even the dad had to know he was a patsy from the get, but they never really explored that aspect. Mom breaks the rules and expects no retribution? Are people from the future really that naïve? Don’t get me started on “prophesy”, such a lazy thematic tool.

Sure, pretty desert scenes, but boring, repetitive and too dark (the lack of light, not evil). At least Lawrence of Arabia showed how diverse a desert can be.

And the real dagger for me is that Jar Jar Binks gave a better performance than Jason Momoa.

If they drag this nonsense to 3 episodes instead of 2, that will be the real tragedy.

Ha, so much for spoilers !

I think there’s definitely an expectations game being played here. WB was very cagey about not publicly telling people it was just “Part 1” despite the info being pretty widely available. Had I not known it ahead of time, I think I would have been pissed that basically all we got was a 2.5 hour first act. But knowing from the get-go I was completely fine with the plodding pace and lack of character arcs. Would I have preferred a more typical 3-act structure? Sure, but I knew what I was getting myself into. I’ll be perfectly happy to watch Parts 1 & 2 as a single 5 hour movie in a couple of years.

The funny thing is by all accounts I’ve heard/read (since I haven’t actually read the book), all of the expository info is wayyyyyy condensed from its original form and still took this long to tell.

FWIW this installment takes us to a point about 3/5 of the way thru the novel.

I see where iab is coming from. It was darkly-lit and somewhat undynamic in emotional tone (gloomy, worse gloom, add rainstorm).

Duncan Idaho gets resurrected a dozen times in the later novels, so better get used to Momoa :slight_smile:

Not for you, that’s cool. Nothing is universally loved.

My wife never read the books or saw the original and loved this so much she wants to watch it again this weekend.

My favorite scene from the film. I feel like this was the exact sketch on a concept artist’s tablet a few years ago.

My bad. I figured it was page 3. I didn’t read the OP until I saw the movie. Should be sop for any movie thread.