Any useful feedback??

Hi everyone. I’m an industrial design student working on my portfolio. I’m hoping to go into shoe design someday, but I’m still learning some of the techniques. I’m hoping some of you professionals could give me some useful feedback. Any suggestions or advice? Also, what is the best way to break into the shoe design field? Thanks.

Hey sthunt,

I like the overall feel of the shoe, it’s clean and simple.

Your heel proportions are looking off. If you look at most shoes, the heel tends to slope forward with a bit of a bulge for the ankle. You have it leaning backwards too much. Your shoe would not cradle the foot properly.

Check these out for reference.

Makes sense when you think about the shape of the foot that’s going into it.

Good start though, post some more sketches, how does this thing close? Velcro?

Also what about the shoe do you think makes it fit into the Jordan line?

Just threw this together real quick with a proportion overlay that I got from Yo!'s site
Of course not every shoe’s going to have this exact shape but it gives you an idea.

techniques arent bad, but i’d suggest to first work on the design before anything else. the design you are presenting is pretty plain, unremarkable, and even with the best rendering in the world, it still wont get you too far.

first off, look at lots of shoes. hundreds, thousands even to see whats on the market, different categories, styles, details, etc. i have over 10,000 pics of shoes on my HD i constantly refer to.

for example, you have a jordan brand logo there. what makes this shoe jordan? who is it for? what are the competitors to it? what is the consumer lifestyle? what are the details, materials that make the shoe special.

i say it often, but cant say it often enough… design first, then rendering/presentation.

looking forward to seeing more!