Any Toy Designers out There??

I have had an interest in toy design for some years now (all my life) I have been in the product development field for 20 or so years. I just recently came up with what I believe is a winniing idea and would like to pedal it.

My fiirst thought was to call Mattel. I did, they say on their recorded message that they do not accept from the public.

Are there any of you with experience in this field. Is there anyone who has an established working relationship with Mattel that could give me some tip?

Any help would be much appreciated.


One question: Why Mattel?

There are plenty of companies who buy ideas from inventors that are easier to work with. But if you have your heart set on Mattel PM me- I may be able to point you in the right direction…

Why Mattel??

Good question, I guess I just assume that becauses of their size and how well established they are they would tend to be more on the ethical end of things as far as their business dealings.

Would you suggest smaller ones?

What kind of “toy” are you introducing? Educational, doll, action figure, electronics, etc.?

There are some niche companies who handle niche toys better. Some of the larger play favorites with their sales staffs.

Although if you think you have something revolutionary to the generic masses (think Furby) you may want to go with a Mattel.

If you’re in NYC, there’s a toy fair this Feb. 12. You might want to check it out and see what companies might be appropriate to approach.
Good Luck!!

one reason why a company like Mattel won’t even look at individuals concepts is for legal reasons… if they happen to be working on something similar in-house then they may no longer be able to continue down that road – you might sue them!