Any tips on London shopping

Anyone got any tips on good shops to visit for footwear trend shopping? I usually visit Selfridges and the small stores in Neal St, Covent Garden. Anymore that I’m missing?

cool trainer store on brick lane in the old street area. Don’t know exact address unfortunately!

i think you mean my trainers. 9 shorts garden - london WC2H 9AZ in covent garden.

You got the main places covered (neal st., covent garden, carnaby st, etc…) Be sure to hit Size? (a few different locations) and Foot Patrol as well. Niketown is worth it too while you are there as they have a pretty good sport Couture area.

Best thing to do is check I dont travel anywhere without checking it first.

For general design goodness also be sure to check out Liberty dept. store. Its an old Deco/Art Nouveau shop with a wicked mix of fashion, furniture and design both new and old. One of a kind. Think its new Covent Garden if I remember correctly.

hope this helps.


yeah make sure you head to the trueman brewery shops just off brick lane…and the rest of the wired and wonderful shops around there.

there is also a tiny ‘odd’ trainer shop in soho…I think its on meard st…or close by. If you want to get in to your fashion/design history why not pop down to the V&A.

This place is the best for design inspiration. Just been there today, its always my first stop for inspiration on colour and trend. if you want to look at 20th century design - anything from furniture to jewellery, it can’t be beaten.

We especially loved the basement today - really cool furniture, very sculptural.

Also Portobello on Fridays for vintage anything (incl. sneakers) tube to Ladbroke Grove - it’s the day when the fashion trade shops.

Magma books in Covent Garden and RD Franks in Market Place (Google them) are good places to get books and mags.

I would look at the following

for kicks

sports and things stretham high st
best store no 5 back hill
glorias truman brewery brick lane
meteor sports bethnal green rd
adidas, beyond the valley, bond, onitsuka tiger on newburgh st
converse, size, puma and soccer scene on carnaby
b store on saville row, berlutti is around teh corner
John Lobbs on St james St
JD sports 172 and 268 oxford st
kokon to zai 57 greek street
foot patrol annes court
maharishi 203 great pulteney street and there is one on floral street (as is paul smith etc
duffer is cool in shorts garden
the hideout upper james st
adidas orig on earlham street as is magma for books and Fopp for music (magma have a shop on clerkenwell rd as well and sometimes exhibitions down stairs) stussy are down there as well
rbk store 51 neal st
retro notting hill can be ok
loads of stuff in camden
rivington street is a good place to go, there is also a good book store and the dinner there is ok for a quick bite, bean does good coffe (big design community there, good pubs and bars in the area)
The westway is an ok place to visit
Yauatcha is cool place to go, off berwick street, great great cakes and tea (near carnaby and newburgh)
RJ Skeekeys is great a restaurant as are ping pong and hakasan. Sketch is also ok, very paris hilton LA though.
Evrerywhere from Mayfair to Hakney is worth walking around (maybe not too late at nigh round hakney though) Farringdon, shorditch etc are ok
Cargo can be good for a drink…so much to do here.

as mentioned liberties is also cool, at top of carnaby

Electric cinema is good for film

The best thing to do is just walk all around, southwark is also a coll plac eto walk around and the market is a great place (just for the feel-very old london) walk walk walk, as london is a 100 small towns in one city. Also peak to people at the likes of Duffer as they tend to know what bands are playing, what clubs are the best, bars restaurants etc. hard to really reconmend without knowing your preferences (Time Out is also a good reference-in all magazine shops)