Any tips for sketching gems or crystals?

A new project requires me to do sketches that include gem stones. Does anyone have any tips, tricks or links that would help? Even better post a sketch, I’d love to see them.

I typically sprinkle fairy dust on my paper before I begin sketching gemstones or crystals. Often I will channel my thoughts with spiritual song and dance or perhaps a good ride on a unicorn will prepare me.

I have found that when sketching amethyst, I will use a Letraset pantone 310 marker, along with a glitter pen. The results are magical!

Just remember gemstones are natures little gift to us, treat them with care and the favor will be returned.

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I think Sonic the hedgehog 2 had decently rendered gemstones, or ecco the dolphin. dig out the old SEGA

Don’t underestimate the importance of details when sketching gemstones, gemstones are available in every color of the rainbow. Many stones come in more colors than you would expect. Because of their unique highly refaction index, they will sparke like the twinkle in a leprechaun’s eye.

Although my preference is Pantone markers, do no forget about toyo markers, they also carry a wide spectrum of color choices to render the dreamy sparkes of gemstones. Just remember to draw as slowly as possible to truly enjoy the enchanting experience of rendering gems.

In fact, this evening I am planning to embark on a journey of saphires, and rubies and Burmese red spinels that I can post tomorrow for you.

A small sample site:

I will post more work as it becomes available to you gem-heads.

wow, that’s the most amazing corefolio I’ve ever seen.

You’d think that the market for an Illustrator specializing in Unicorns would be rather limited…

No, seriously. Luxury brands like Swarovski and Waterford offer products such as eyeware, timepieces, lighting and furniture all bedazzled with, you gussed it, crystals. Like you design school and the subsequent decade have not required me to sketch any cyrstals thus far. Did anyone do a jewlery project in school? Any help would be appreciated.