Any thoughts on Tablet PC's for ID?


How useful are tablet PC’s for IDers?

I am considering getting a Toshiba R15 for sk.etcing and some Rhino/Flamingo

Any thoughts on how useful a Tablet PC is? I’ve never used one but it sure looks cool.

Here are some threads that have covered this already (this was pre-R15, though)

I’m a Toshiba M200 user and love it…

Do you still use rulers and ellipse guides when drawing on a tablet?

yep, occasionally. The software I use, Alias Sketchbook Pro doesn’t have any tools for that just yet, but it’s still on version 1, and I’m hoping it will incorporate some sort of shape-drawing function in the future

does the stylus scratch the screen?

I ordred a Toshiba r15 today. WIll let you know in a few days how it is.

Not really… I’ve used a m205-s810 for about 5 weeks now and the screen does have to be wiped down every now and then because of fingerprints… no scratches with the stylus but if does scratch, an inevitability in tablet mode eventually I think, the film over the screen can be removed and replaced.

I found that the nividia card can’t be replaced. I recommend maxing out the ram and optimizing the video card settings for max performance using the nvidia config utility. Also, you may want to use an external monitor/lcd display. The screen resolution 1400x1050 for the tablet.

The balance is a bit bulky in tablet mode; a trade-off with the keyboard mode. It’s pretty lightweight compared to other laptops I’ve had and handles PS and AI well. Basic wireframes can be be done in this machine but expect rendering to and shaded modelling to crunch slower.

I suggest transferring wireframes to/or using a desktop or desktop replacement for heavy cad.

The most useful features are the MS OneNote and Alias Sketchbook applications for redlining and adding notes to images and documents on the fly. And of coarse the sketching feature!

I’ve been having problems publishing out pages of OneNote as html. Anyone with the same problem? So far I’ve done screen captures for this and sending as jpeg files. Or I import images into SketchBook and editing/noting files there.

I’m looking at getting another CAID dedicated laptop. There was a previous post on this that was useful, “best laptop for id” I think it was called. The good ones/reasonably priced ones are comparable in price to the m200/205.

I’m a bit sceptical about the compaq/hp amd64 and nvidia gocard 64 combo in it caid/rendering capabilities in the r3000: anyone with experience in this?

I’m thinking of resorting to getting the hp zd7000, a machine I used about 6 months ago that handled caid app well (replaced it for a lighter machine and did caid on a desktop/workstation). It’s price then that was 1800+… hopefully it went done since then. The zd8000 doesn’t have the nvidia chipset, unfortunately.

Definitely get a WriteShield screen protector if you’re going to use the tablet a lot. The film on the screen from the factory is NOT intended to be removed or replaced. Some people have done it, and said it imprioves the screen brighness quite a bit, but the process is not for the faint of heart - and I beleieve it can void your warranty.

Here’s where to get the WriteShield:

Oops, didn’t now that. It looked as though it could with the bevelled corners at the top of the screen. Thanks for the check.

Or go with the MotionComputing. I did an evaluation of both the motion and the toshiba. Motion (dispite being a slab) was the hands down winner. However this was for my needs, mainly wanted to save time during the design process, the tablet saves 2-5k per project in time lost to redrawing images during refinement, and scanning documents in. The Slab is also no problem as it interfaces with any bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or simply use the keyboard built into the screen cover. The screen is also the hardes on the market and is highly scratch resistant, used since November of last year…30-60 hours a week scketching with no scratches. However I have been through 2 stylus tips already.

Personally I found painter to far out perform Sketchbook simply because of the rotating canvas, which allows you to rotate the paper instead of the tablet. It also has the shape tools, and trace shape options of the pens. The other main feature it uses Photoshop native files, sketch in painter…render in photoshop…mark-up hand written notes in painer. All without changing format or loosing layer features and effects.

Saved so much we were able to purchase another workstation with a nother seat of both Pro and SDX

Amen to that - I’ve saved a lot of time and saved my clients a lot of money since I don’t sit in front of a scanner digitizing 30+ sketches anymore.

I looked into the Motion and have heard nothing but good things about them. The main reason I went with the Toshiba was the superior screen resolution, which will buy you more real estate using pallette-heavy apps.

It was also difficult to find a place that carried Motion products - I’ve never had a chance to see one in person. Do you know of any retailers that carry them?

Just contacted the sales dept through thier website…linked to it through dell if I remember correctly. Said I wanted a demo, and a week later I had a rep in house for a day of trials. Did the same with Tashiba and viewsonics.

As for the resolution issue…it took some getting used to, but the increased pressure sensitivity, harder screen (no pressure ghosting or discoloration). Also comes with a cool case that looks like a regular leather bound notebook, but then you have a digital screen you write on…should see the clients faces. I have actually sold 3 and soon to be more clients on them simply through the added benifits of impromtu refinement sessions during reviews.