Any Stable Platform for Alias imagestudio or studio tool

I have so many trouble with my P4, under XP, 1giga de ram, 128 Ram for graphic card.
Crash down during rendering with Alias image studio, even Rhino.
Do you have any solution?

if many apps are crashing, chances are your operating system is unstable. if you’re crashing in shaded mode, then your graphics card may not be the right choice or the driver needs to be updated to a newer version or configured differently.

even if you exceed the available memory during a render, which i doubt when you have a gigabyte of ram, you should have space on the hard drive to finish the process. is your hard drive full?

I agree with sam, most causes for crashes in cad and 3d software is caused by graphics card. Our software vendor said upwards to 98% of all problems are caused by faulty or unsupported card selections.

One other possibility is that you have bad “burns” of the software, or you have the Trojan riddled copies that are floating around on sites like kaza.