Any Sketching Feedback?

I’m in high school and am learning how to sketch through Youtube vids and Instagram. Have any tips for how I can improve? Thanks!

Hi Ilan, we have seen a few high school level aspiring designers come through here and really excel. A few that come to mind are Mark Miner, now VP of design at Adidas, and Andrew Kim, who has worked at Microsoft, Tesla and now Apple.

A couple of suggestions.

  1. Sketch larger. Get bigger.
  2. use longer lines. Try not to move your wrist. Only let your shoulder or elbow pivot as you make lines. Really pay attention to your body mechanics.

I also recommend checking out some books and videos by Scott Robertson (Scoro on Instagram I think)

Good on you for digging in early, I wish I had had a little more experience when I started ID. It’s all about practice and repetition with sketching. I would second trying to make longer lines and Scott Robertson as a resource. You can practice making controlled smooth lines (straight or curved) with fairly quick arm movements and you’ll develop muscle memory over time. Once you have a good grasp on perspective slower, more shaky lines can work too on rougher concepts, but that style also benefits from creating continuous lines from point A to B.

Don’t be afraid to screw up though, you’re not making art to frame, you’re trying to illustrate concepts. If you make a bad line you can probably just draw another line over the bad one and then go back and darken up lines you want to accent in the end. If you botch a sketch, whatever, crumple it up and try again, no big deal. You can also try just drawing basic shapes like cylinders and boxes from different viewpoints and then move into cleaving corners off them or punching holes in them. Once you get a really good grip on perspective it becomes second nature and sketching becomes faster and less tedious. You’ll get there though, especially starting early!

Thanks so much! Will definitely use these suggestions!