Any senior ID jobs around Toronto, Ca.?

I’ve been working for quite some time as a designer and more recently- as an ID manager. My family and I are moving to Toronto next year and I got a ton of questions about the ID scene there, so embrace yourself!
I am looking for a senior ID job there, so is there an industrial design activity around Toronto and its vicinity?
What sort of companies/studios (If at all…) are located around that area, that have an industrial design team or an in house group? And finally if someone can tell me (Or willing to) What can I expect as far as salary for a senior ID function there (In US dollars)?

If there’s out there somebody actually from Toronto- Please tell me what is your opinion about working as an industrial designer there.


I’m from TO but not too plugged into the local ID scene as run my own specialized footwear consultancy. There are ID consultancies and in house teams in the area. Might want to check out places like Umbra, Teknion, etc. try the core business listing maybe. I can better help in general TO life and city things if you have questions in that area.


Appreciate your comments, Richard!

How do you find Toronto, as far as day to day life? Do you enjoy living there…? Is it easy to commute?

Toronto is a great city. Very multicultural, lots of arts, great food, things to do… I love it here. I work from my loft, so no commute, but public transit is pretty good, and it depends where you live and work how the commute would be.

FYI, Toronto was rated best city in the world to live / most livable by the Economist and Metropolis magazine.

It’s not cheap to live here, but overall reasonable for most things like food, transit, etc. Housing not so much.



Sounds great…

Looking forward to move there.

Where are you moving from?

From afar…

Tel-Aviv, IL :wink:

I use to work ID in Toronto back in late 90s. It’s a tough market since it’s the only place in all of Canada with decent amount of MFG related jobs (save Ottawa area). Umbra, Teknion, KerrKeller, etc

Thanks for the heads up on that…

Well, almsot there!

After some delays I will be moving (Finally…) before the year’s ends.
Since I didn’t have a working permit and I was due to relocate only in a few months, It wasn’t relevant to send my Resume to most jobs available out there.
So know, If you may; I again, I need your help: What companies (Besides the one you already mentioned) have their creative offices or their headquarters in Toronto and its vicinity??
Other than that- Does any body know of any relvant company or even a start up who may in need of a ID manager/Senior designer position(permanent or contract)?

Any help in that direction would be welcomed!

You’ve probably done your research so this might not be a new suggestion but I was in touch with a really interesting agency a few years back, Jack Knife. If I am not mistaken, they are based in Toronto.

Good luck on your search.
I am also a bit interested in trying out Canada at some point in my life, should the right opportunity present itself. It appears to be a great place to live.

Thanks, bepster. Did notice them , of course.

Any one else??

Ecobee thermostats, Joe Rocket.

Thanks Mr-914!

Will also look into that. How is the ID scene in Montréal?

A little hit or miss. I think we have too many designers for the amount of work available. However, talent can always find something.

Funny - I guess it’s the same everywhere…

Same here. Small service agencies are going bankrupt and even larger studios have less work, having to reduce salaries and move to multiple services like prototyping and production to scrape in the salaries. So the way to stay ahead, besides social policies, is to focus on specializing and highly innovative multidisciplinary (the hard) work.

I am more and more wondering how we can stay ahead with China taking over more and more. Still for every 5 Chinese designers/engineers one European or US trained professional keeps the balance, but they are progressing exponentially so we need new ideas.