any school where i can do both graphic design and id?

I haven’t quite decided if I want to do graphic design or industrial design. Are there any schools that offer a double major in both subjects?

Actually, I bet any school that offers both has an option to double-major in both. I’m sure it’s not an easy thing to do, and maybe somone here will have experience with it.

RIT, CMU, Pratt, RISD and University of Cincinnati all have strong ID and Graphic Design.Communication Design program. NONE of them generally allow double majoring unless you are willing to spend at least an extra year. However, Pratt, more than the others, does allow people to take courses from different departments. Thus, you can major in one of these area and take courses in the other area. Essentially, you can get a minor in the other area if you choose. However, be advised, this will prevent you from taking any electives in your major.

UW Stout offers both industrial design and graphic design. it wouldn’t be a double major since they will both give you a BFA, but one will be a concentration in id and the other in gd.

I think CCS allows a major and a minor

HDK in Gothenburg has a design programme which mixes graphic and industrial design.

Thanks! I will check those schools out. I can’t speak Swedish, unfortunately, so HDK’s out.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale’s ID program has a veriety of Graphic courses and a few great instructors with graphic backgrounds. I’m not sure about a double major or a minor, but the students there get a great introduction to graphic and the opportunity is there to develope the skills further (maybe not full on graphic projects, but packaging and product branding, the middle ground between ID and GD)

It’s easy for a student there to swing their portfolio in the graphic direction, and I know a few that became more interested in graphics and are pursuing it further, but still with in the ID program.

at Parsons school of design, you can take both at the same time and not have a double major. also you could take fashion or illustration classes. the departments all really work together to give you a schedule that you would like, and can be managed.

I am a major in communication but also taking design classes in the fashion building, and next yr. probably in product. It can be done.