Any Recommendations for SLA vendors?


Anyone know of good SLA rapid prototype shops that do good work and offer great prices?


I’ve used this company a couple of times already and they delivered quite well.
I don’t know if they’re the lowest price around.

We are HLB Prototypes, in Lake Forest Ca., We provide SLA services, along with our full service prototyping. We provide fast and responsive quoting, competitive pricing, and cosistant finishing and delivery. I would love to quote your project.
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Mark C. Davis
Rapid Prototyping
Senior Account Manager
HLB Prototypes
26812 Vista Terrace
Lake Forest, Ca., 92630
FAX 949.586.5891

What kind of material finish are you looking for. SLA varies a lot depending on how old of a system they are using. Beware.

I’ve had great luck with Spectrum 3D in Tustin, CA.(

Did everything over the internet initially. Ask for Gary Abraham and tell him the “dish lady” sent you.

Spectrum is also the place where a lot (if not all) of the latest “Young Architects” P.S.1 exhibit was prototyped.

Good luck!