Any recommendations for a ID portfolio web hosting service?

Hello all,

I tried in earnest looking through all the old threads, but didn’t see anything related, so here goes:

I used to use Behance’s ProSite years ago; and then they were bought out by Adobe Portfolio. After they shut down, I just closed my domain as I was already gainfully employed. I am seeking a career change (still currently employed; 5 years in, but portfolio needs a revamping).

I had checked out Adobe Portfolio but also looked at Squarespace as well as WIX; but having little knowledge of each, I was hoping you guys could share which one you use and why you love it?

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I would recommend using a cloud based all in one service with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) user interface like Square Space or Wix. When I built my site way back in 2014 these services were just coming online and I wasn’t sure if they would be around long term. Now I regret not taking a chance on them as I haven’t had the time to migrate everything over.

Very easy to use
Templates are great
Everything is dynamic (auto resizes for mobile)
All in one service

Can be more expensive but you will need to work out the math.

The other option, if you have Adobe CC already, I believe they added a WYSIWYG app that will export HTML? Not certain on this but with a look. Once you have the HTML you can upload it to whoever you buy server space from. I use GoDaddy for hosting and domain name and then upload my own HTML.

Thanks to you both! I was recommended WIX by a designer friend, and his site looks pretty nice, but Squarespace gets a lot of ad time these days; and turns out they’ve been around for over a decade (looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon).

I will keep doing a bit of researching on both and eventually decide on one. The monthly dues are a bit steep for the Squarespace ($144 annual or $16 a month), but it may be worth it in the long run for the sake of my career. I can always cancel Netflix. : )

Yes, and I think Squarespace can spit out a Wordpress “backup” for the site, so in theory if you wanted to cancel you could export it and then host it somewhere cheaper, it would just be hard to change.

The standalone software package I bought way back when is called “Everweb”… it is easy to use but limiting. And then I host it on GoDaddy.

Squarespace let’s you backup blog content to a XML format that WordPress can use but you can’t actually export your site that way.

Adobe portfolio is included in the cost of Adobe CC but if you are like me and only ever use your corporate CC accounts, the site is not portable. I pay for Squarespace IMO the UX and layouts are high quality and easy to get up and running. Wix in my experience had a much crappier user experience when I used it but that was many years ago.


Thanks for chiming in! I believe I’ve made up my mind and decided to give WIX a whirl. I will explain why and please tell me if I am using my noggin’ correctly? I’ve spent the entire day researching Squarespace vs WIX; in addition to taking in all your comments and came up with this:

Since my intent is to be able to hold onto a site and its content for the long-term, I noticed that WIX has both a free version and a paid premium version (which Squarespace does not). I was hoping that after I no longer want to use the premium features within WIX, that if I downgrade my plan to the free version, that all the content will stay (even if I lose my domain and some other bells and whistles that come along with the premium version).

Obviously, I want the look and feel of a professional website with a domain name while I pursue alternate employment; and I feel that with WIX I can attain that in the short term. Once I succeed at getting to where I need to be, then I can always maintain my portfolio site but downgrade to the free version and upgrade in the future as needed (hopefully if WIX is still around?!).

Not sure if that makes sense, but please chime in if you can.

Thanks Mike and everyone thus far!



That’s fair logic. I don’t think Wix is going anywhere for a while, they have a pretty good market share.

I do know that Squarespace does have poorly advertised ways of actually getting your source code using git, meaning theoretically you should be able to actually download your source code and save it, but admittedly that’s a much higher learning curve for an archive function and theres no guarantee that some change they make to your template 3 years from now would let you restore that content.

Another vote for Squarespace here. I’ve went through similar issues. Had a Behance site. Lost it when they moved to Adobe. Ported everything hastily over to a standalone static HMTL site I paid someone to build using the Behance content/code as a quick implementation solution.

Moved to SS and have been using it for several years. The design and layout is far ahead of any other platform I’ve seen and I’d gladly sacrifice some portability or future proofing vs. having a website that has UI that looks like it was done in 2005.

SS also has really good additional tools incl. pop ups for email capture, banner notifications, email (now paid), analytics, and pretty great cross platform and device builds from a single design. Changing content on the fly and adding even via your phone is pretty simple.

I figure if at some point in the future SS goes somewhere (not likely), I still have all the original content and I’d likely rebuild from scratch anyhow with whatever tool is most advanced at the time, exporting an old template and content isn’t ideal.


Richard, just curious, why didn’t you move to the Adobe tool?

Ididn’t think the portfolio offering from Adobe would stick around. I still wouldn’t trust it knowing it’s not their core business.

Also, IIRC it didn’t have that much design/UI options at the time. I don’t know what they have now.


I also use SS now for a lot of client sites. It’s pretty robust and easy to use with great results. Both from content management side things and design. Not perfect, but more than adequate for a design portfolio or studio website I think.

Yeah I would say as long as I actually had the content from my portfolio (IE the images and text saved) recreating it on a new platform is a couple of hours work.

Last time, I didn’t realize it would get deleted immediately - so when my old job turned off my CC account my Adobe Portfolio vanished without a trace, and although I had most of the images handy they weren’t centralized and I had to rewrite all the copy. But wasn’t a huge deal.

Let it be a lesson to copy and paste your content regardless of the situation. God help us if Google Docs ever vanishes.

I’m on Adobe Portfolio. It’s a pretty compelling offer. I get Photoshop, Lightroom and Portfolio for 10$/month. Though if I had to do it again, I don’t think I would. I hardly use Photoshop and would rather jump ship to Affinity Photo. As you mentioned it isn’t Adobe’s core business and the service has mostly been in maintenance since its launch 2015. I don’t think there were any new themes added, the blog feature has never been added, etc.

With that said, I just setup Behance projects and ingest them into Portfolio. I don’t think I’d bother having my projects on Behance if it wasn’t for that easy workflow. It also gives me hope that my project will at least live on Behance if something was to happen to the Portfolio service. For a simple portfolio website, it works well. Let’s be honest, most portfolio sites get very little traffic. If I was doing consulting/studio work, I think I’d look at Squarespace to have more flexibility and a clean looking interface.

I had to google Louis Leblanc Design because apparently there is a hockey player clogging up the search results :slight_smile: is this it:

Just kidding, the Adobe Portfolio thing looks pretty clean but not as contemporary as Square Space. I found you:

I need to make the jump, just been too busy to even think about it… which is a good problem to have

Every designer has their website as last priority. You would not believe the number of studios sites that say “copyright 2012”.

I guess it’s a “shoemakers kid goes barefoot situation”. Selling design without design.

(Not specific to any of above designers btw).


Ps. Also highly encourage designers to hire designers (brand, graphics, UI/UX, web if not capable). We all hate clients who think they can design, right?..

I’ve hired web people in the past…spending money to make money.If you don’t have a marketing budget you are doing it wrong.


I’m using Squarespace as well. My portfolio is a simple structure and I like that I can drag and drop into a clean layout. The only things that annoy me are that I can’t download a full backup of the site, that images aren’t hosted in a gallery that I can select from, and that they don’t have servers in my region so it can run slowly on occasion.

Luckily the hockey player’s career fizzled out haha. I should add my site to my Core77 signature. Yeah the template I’m using doesn’t feel the freshest but it’s serviceable and sure beats the homemade hodge podge I was using before. Again, I’d advise Square Space over Adobe Portfolio for most people.

Agreed 100%, if shame is your first reaction when going to your site and you’d rather clients and employers never see it, take it down. Put up a simple 1 page site with a tiny blurb, links to your resume, pdf portfolio, social and be done with it.

Just another vote for Portfolio, but haven’t used much else, besides Behance before the Adobe purchase. Used a Wordpress thing from Graph Paper something or other before that. I don’t want to learn css or other web stuff.
I have my own seat of Adobe CC for freelance (and now school) work so might as well leverage that not inconsiderable monthly bill into a portfolio website builder they give for “free”.
I can’t really complain about the options Portfolio gives - maybe a lot of sites end up looking the same but often so do the SS ones.
I do know which portfolio site tools I detest though, that students often use, the one with the fake ‘pages’ that you have to actually turn, and zoom way in to see anything…? Know which ones I mean? Yeah they blow.

Issuu portfolios are a disaster.