any other good west coast schools

Are there any other good west coast schools other than art center? What about Long Beach States program?Has anyone heard anything about that program?

check-out Arizona State University.

Maybe San Jose State… I believe at least one Astro went there…not too familiar.

CCA (formerly CCAC in SF, CA) has its moments. Rough around the edges. but good. bad $$$

No, no SJSU

sfsu has a program, don’t know if its any good, but they have one.

I graduated from CCAC a couple of years ago and we had a really strong graduating class. A couple of years before and after us were strong to decent. The school is going through changes right now and ID isn’t as high on the list of priorities. It is a great place to go if you’re concerned with concept and ecology. It’s expensive, but they have money to give if it’s your first degree. It’s in SF, too. Hard to beat on the west coast.
good luck.

Cal State Long Beach has a very good “nuts and bolts” program. You won’t learn how to draw like an art center kid… but you can supplement that on your own time and save $. I think it’s definitely worth checking out.

I got a BA from SFSU and am having to really work hard to keep up at the Academy of Art University. It’s my first semester there. -Loads of homework.
SFSU’s program is underfunded and out of line with industry needs.

AAU is very concerned with industry needs and grads are working at places like Nike and FuseProject. Tom Matano (Director) wants to compete with Art Center and is directing his energies thusly. If you attend AAU, you will be working with students who are going to get good jobs. Whether you get the good jobs depends on you.

I’ve got two classmates from Arizona State. Both are struggling to draw like the kids from Korea who have loads of talent. however, ASU seems to have a good progam, just not “art” oriented.

I know a guy at Art Center (trans) and he likes it and say they have to work hard but it’s not as tough as it used to be. -they won’t tear your assignments off the wall if they suck like they used to…

I’ve got a classmate from SJSU. She says it aint what it used to be. I tried to enter for a MA/MS from there, but they cancelled the program due to lack of funding. -still an issue I’m sure.

Finally, I feel good about the instruction at AAU so far. Very knowledgable and skilled instructors. They are excellent “artists” and focused on industry needs

Hey Yo,

I am scratching my head at why you think Academy of Art University in SF would be good choice (or even a marginal choice) for someone looking into ID schools on the west coast…I attended CCAC in the early 90’s and was always horrified by the work that came out of the Academy of Art (as it was called then…). I always thought of it as a janky school that pumped kids into their program, and pumped them out none the wiser. I took your advice and took a look at the AoAU website…and was still horrified. Not even mentioning the hideous web design of the site and retarded navigation, but there isn’t even a list of faculty! The tuition is scarily low…which is somewhat nice…but ya get whatcha pay for,right? You seem like a guy in the know…so what’s up?


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Funny, I looked at the AAU site the other day and was a little put off by the quality of the web site. I have to say though, many, many schools have poor websites – what is the deal with that?

I don’t know about AA either, Yo. I toured the school in '99 before going to CCAc and found it to be funky and disorganized…it seemed heartless, and sort of lame. maybe it was a bad pitch, but I felt like they were willing to take my $ but unable to provide the education service…frankly, as a SF native, AA seems more like a realistate holding company, than an art institution. Do they own more buildings that Wells Fargo!?

But, I would agree with kisalah who thinks that CCAc is not quite ready for prime time. right now…BUT heh! Eve Bajar (sp?), teaches there. so did other notables. there is talent there…

I checked out AAU back in '98 and got the same read, at that time. I just got their current catlouge though and was prety impressed. Tom Matano, of Mazda fame is heading up the program there.
I’ve heard some good things. It’s no Art Center, by a long shot, but it’s got to be better than Long Beach to be better than. BTW its yves behar if you want to check out his work.

In my opinion the quality of the student work at AAU is better than that shown by CCA (California College of Arts and Crafts) and allways has been, just my opinion of course. That why I recomended it. I would still recomend Art Center if you can get in and can afford it.

San Jose has had its good years and bad years it seems. I’m friends with an Alum from there and I asked him about it. He says it really fluctuates in quality.