any one can tell me something about Hongkong PolyU?

About the education or any thing else :slight_smile:

I think TimF taught there?

I graduated from HKPU a few years ago with a Masters of Design-Design Practices. I loved it, what are you looking to find out?

oh~Nice to hear you were graduated from HKPU~ yes,i want to know how i should make the portfolio? High requirement?Can you send your own portfolio to me for reference, i really don’t know how to start…

I would recomend contacting the school of design at HKPU. I am sure that they will give you great feedback on what you should do to help with your application. They might be able to review your portfolio before you submit. If you are applying for the undergraduate program you may not need a portfolio (don’t quote me on that) and if you are applying for the masters I would include any past projects that you have worked on in undergrad programs or proffesionally. If I remember correctly I just made a coroflot set specifically for my application and they reviewed it over the phone with me for my entrance interview.

You can view my coroflot portfolio: I am not sure if this will help you however.

Yes I taught there and got my Masters of Design - Advanced practices while there. I may not be the most subjective person to talk to :slight_smile:

It would help to list some questions/things you want to know.