Any of youse watch Silicon Valley?

Because they are currently ripping IDers.

Funniest show on TV.

Love it.
Didn’t know the new season was running. Thanks!

Can’t wait. Loved the first two seasons.

Fantastic show, literally one of the funniest around. Didn’t know it was back on, cheers for the heads up!

I’m overdue for this season as well, but it’s a great show. Can’t wait to see their stance on designers.

I just logged on to post about last nights episode.

Completely spot on with the “inspiration” phase on both sides of the table and then with the client disappointed on first concept review :laughing: :laughing:

I haven’t caught up on the new season… first two had me practically falling out of my chair. I have a few friends up in Silicon Valley who can’t watch it… too close to home :slight_smile:

I heard an interview with Chris Sacca (Silicon Valley finance guy) a few weeks ago where he kept saying, “You know alot of billionaires, there’s alot that aren’t very smart.”

Everything by Mike Judge is hilarious. From Beavis & Butthead to Office Space.

For those not up to date with where the current episode is at then watch from 04:46 to 6:18 and then again from 08:52 to 10:00

These are the two parts that completely slay ID and you shouldn’t need too much of the current back story to appreciate it :laughing: :laughing:

I also have a friend that founded a start-up and found it impossible to watch this show because of how accurate it is :laughing:

The season finale of the first season is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV.
I am a huge fan too.

But yeah, having lived in SF, I can vouch for it’s authenticity and a lot of it is almost painful to watch.
That mustache segment earlier in the season was great too and really illustrated the absurdity of the business.

I believe to remember that Judge was a Silicon Valley engineer for a while before he switched to writing full time.
So he speaks from experience.

Just binge watched the beginning of the season - great.

“If your box were an animal what would it be”

Yaah i love this show, i have seen all the seasons and every episodes.

“This is work. This is my work.”

Industrial design - the Stuart Smalley of the business world.

But here is the real killer after that first clip. :frowning: Silicon Valley: If the Box Were an Animal (Season 3 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO - YouTube

When you (a product designer) are being satirized in a room filled with chairs your friend designed…too freaking Meta.

IDiot, too funny.

This is the clip the resonated most with me from the season though… I feel like this pretty much once a week :slight_smile:

start at the 1:38 mark to get right to it.

Ugh, they disabled the playback. The link works though: Silicon Valley - sales and product - YouTube

Best show on television, I have a few friends that work in Silicon Valley and they say how accurate it is… that’s the thing about Mike Judge, is the reason why he is so funny is he doesn’t actually create new content… he just shows us what’s real and how ridiculous real is sometimes. :laughing:

I’m glad to hear some seasoned designers feel the same as I do and how close to home the designer scenes hit…

All of the Erlich / Jian Yang interaction scenes are pure gold.