Any of U fine artists' first?

Hey guys,

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and art. Before I went to school for industrial design, I was into painting and fine art in general. Lately I’ve had the urge to try and do it again, and the last few weekends I grabed an old sketch book and started screwing around. It was a lot of fun, I didn’t creat any masterpieces, but I thought I would share with you and see if anyone else has gone through this.

I’ve been a professional for 9 months now, and until now, I’ve been pretty wiped when I got home, from sketching and creating all day at work. The speed I’ve gained through 9 months working has improved my skills for this fun stuff, and drawing with pen all day has made the pencil a lot of fun (never dark enough though)

anyways here’s some of the work, if you guys want to show, I’ll show some more that I don’t have with me right now.

hope you like it!!

some old school kindergarden stuff

and an attempt at comic book style


Yo, there should be a “footnote” on the Depth Charge page…

[url]Banque en Ligne 2022 - Le guide étape par étape pour choisir facilement

Yo, what have I done wrong…I followed the directions…why does my image not show up?

here you go 701, nice depth charges, and here’s your footnote:

toxic barrell inspired by art work from blaster 701

I should’ve put the toxic waste logo on there somewhere :unamused:
Sweet U-boat :smiley:

Here’s a few more!! :smiley: