Any nice looking electric kettles?

is this the stuff?

Nope, not the stuff…

That OXO is nice.


Richard, take this as a compliment please, but I don’t think that OXO is good enough for you!

What are you going to go with?

Still undecided. Gotta do a boiling test on electric kettle vs. Stovetop electric (why I didn’t pick induction I don’t know- no gas line or woulda done that). Haven’t seen any perfect yet…


Ugh… So my kettle finally died and I was forced to choose something.

The Kitchen Aid I initially thought was good was really cheap feeling in real life.

I couldn’t find anything really good so picked the Bodum one sight unseen on Amazon, because at least it was inoffesive design wise and cheap. Got it today. It’s super cheap-o plasticky feeling. It’s going back. I’d rather use a pot to boil water than waste $50 on that nonsense.

Anyone got any new ideas? Why is everything crap or decent, but only available in the UK?

Closest I can find to OK is this OXO one, but super sceptical of how the transparent part will age and get dirty/cloudy…

This kenwood also looks OK but wary of quality.

Might have to go non-electric just to avoid crap.


I was looking at these a year or two ago and lamenting how crappy they all are, my business partner was doing an exercise in her class to design one so I was curious what was out there. The student’s designs were for the most part so much better than anything commercially available. I did see that Branch worked on the Kickstarter with Fellows late last year: Stagg EKG | The Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers by Fellow — Kickstarter

On the subject of electric vs gas cooking in Europe - in the UK it is a complete mixed bag. I don’t think I would be far off to say it is around 50:50 for cookers. In Poland and I suspect many other places in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries they use gas exclusively as it is cheaper than electric (crazy, I know).

As for kettles, they use on top of hob kettles near exclusively in Poland also. Takes ages compared to electric but generally tastes better due to no limescale build up inside cheap plastic kettles or the plastic flavour.

I would go for premium materials and companies with decades of experience in electronic consumer goods and a sense of design, either the Bosch one or this one by Philips:

The Stelton one is nice design-wise and would go well with the Stelton vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen. I got it as a gift last year and it’s a great product.

Also here in the Netherlands most people have an electric water cooker. With a good quality cooker, you can do a round of push-ups and your water is ready. The real tea drinkers have a separate corner with multiple cookers, jugs and tea+spice+honey collections. In higher income homes plastic is consciously avoided, and by occasion you see homes with more traditional oriented design, as well as around the coast and mediterranean, and they prefer the stove top cooker.

Here’s a couple from 2 companies here in Australia. I’m not such a fan of how ‘chromy’ the handles look, but overall I quite like the form of both of them. I’ve no idea if they’re available in Canada though.

^^ The Stelton one looks very nice.

The SMEG electrical kettle is nice in a retro-esque way. Not particularly cheap though.

The Sunbeam Marc Newson one is quite interesting. Not sure if available outside Aus…

Smart, Medium size and good looking!

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That is a very strange design with the interfering branding and material use…but R&H is a good brand.

The Australian companies are definitely ahead in this product segment.
Consider this one by Espressions:
It is now promoted on many major Dutch online retail websites and in professional magazines as well. The aluminum doesn’t nearly look as well finished as on the product photography but it is good quality.

Where can I buy the Marc Newson toaster and kettle design?
It is time to replace our decades old Mickey mouse toaster and forced impulse buy kettle:

I can buy it in the USA as well and bring it back in a suitcase this summer.

You guys hit the major ones. This Breville is also not bad: … kettles%7C

I got a Breville this year (also have one of their blenders), nice products, lots of real metal, clean design.