Any new Wacom Cintiqs announced?

I’ve been researching the Wacom Cintiq line and plan to test one out soon.

From what I’ve learned, the 20WSX is out of stock and likely ended production due to the scarcity of the widescreen LCD. That leaves the 21UX and the 12WX. The 21 has been out a while and the 12 is a year old. So the question is, does anyone have a sense or might know if Wacom might be releasing any new versions of the 21 or 20" anytime soon?

I hate to buy the 21 and then find out a new better version comes out!

Thanks for any insights. I know there will be very little knowledge or insights here unless you are a Wacom insider! :smiley:

I wouldn’t hold your breath. No official announcements have been made and you might wind up waiting a year or two before any new models/revisions come out.

FYI I’m not sure where you’re getting the scarcity of the Widescreen LCD or that the 20WSX ended production. Did you just make that up? The 20WSX was announced a year ago, if any panel would be going away it would probably be the 21".

Almost all LCD’s now are moving to the widescreen ratio, so I would just expect the 20" to be out of stock since it’s newer and probably more popular.

Technology is always changing, you can either bite the bullet now or expect to wait another year or two for a new first gen product to roll out.

Thanks for the reply Cyberdemon.

I spoke directly to the Washington State headquarters of Wacom and asked about the 20". The person I spoke with said the supplier of the widescreen LCD couldn’t make more. Her information was that the 20" version either ceased production, or they are still trying to get another source of LCDs. I realize Wacom is a Japanese company and the headquarters there may know more then what I was told. That’s all I have to go on.

No one I’ve called has one in stock too. I found one on craigslist, but I’d prefer to buy new so I have a full warranty.

Of course technology changes at a breakneck speed! I was just hoping to jump on board at a time when a new model is released.

Interesting. Since the 20" is the newer model I would think they’d work harder to try and source a new panel (I realize they have a lot of constraints on the panels they use so their options are very limited) rather then can production on a unit that only ran for 11 months.

If anything it might just be an issue of retooling some of the parts to use a new panel, but that could take several months.

Why not just go with the tried and true 21"?

Barring any new info, I most likely will go the tried and true 21". In looking at the specs and reading reviews, the main thing I liked about the 20" is they moved the Touch Strips to the underside and there are more Express Keys, not that I could really use all of them! And from what I’ve read, the color was slightly better on the 20" LCD. And the 20" takes slightly less desk depth. But I can handle the 21" too.

Wacom dropped the price of the 21 ux, it was $2500 now it is $2000. Just saying.

That’s true. I found a dealer with a unit I can demo. Their price is $1999.99 and full customer support.

I’m in the same boat as the original poster. I’m just about to buy a 12WX but I’d like to make sure there’s no new announcements. I’d hate to put down a grand for the 12WX just to find out a newer model is being released shortly after.