any layoff happening out there?

Anyone heard of any design firm / corporate design dept layoff yet? :frowning:

This one

HLB in California closed its doors, and Boston lost some key staff. First victims of the recession?

The Chicago HLB office suffered too but is now holding its own and I suspect it will manage to bounce back.

It’s a shame to see a company like HLB go through this, they have a great history. I truely hope they manage to pull back up.

Update: HLB laid off an engineer in Boston. Also an electrical engineer, designer and researcher in Chicago. Beyond that I haven’t heard. The engineer and designer had been with HLB a long time. Very sad.

Bombardier is laying off about 1000 employees, including 12 designers (if I recall correct).

I know architecture and interior design places in and around NYC have been hit pretty hard.

Mhm, I’ve had friends who work in architecture and photography in Manchester and both their offices have been having serious cut backs.

CNET’s tech scorecard:Tech layoffs: The scorecard - CNET …or (watch out for pop-ups).
Plus an interesting find from 2001 on coroflot with Score Keeper keeping count:

I hear architecture firms all over the us are laying off people
A friend of mine is an architect, and he says pretty much every project is on hold for lack of financing…

No lay-offs here (sporting goods) but even though our sales are up 20% and we’re hiring, I didn’t get the huge raise I was expecting. There will be a design vacancy at my place of employment very soon…

I was laid off as the only designer at my company.

Looking for employment as we speak and it seems like EVERYONE is on a hiring freeze. Even if companies post an ad about a position they don’t have “plans on hiring someone immediately.”

Freelance opportunities have come to a halt on my end.

Two of my full-time in-house Industrial Designer friends have lost their jobs in two different US cities.

Hiring freeze here.

I seem to be getting a lot of emails from old friends as they “re-connect” or “network” in anticipation of being laid off. Pro-active job hunting.

This sucks.

the global economy has flushed, like a toilet. we’re all going down…

the us boat comanies (recreational marine) have shut down along with chrysler for months. so far dec and jan, may be longer.

i find the recent core articles on designers in a depression interesting. i always find a sunken economy as a test to all. a test to see who can survive, adapt, and help the nation survive. now is where we can retract and take a new view on how we design, keeping green in mind.

We have to realize (and convince the customers) that now is the time for innovation… and designers know that process so well. Maybe we should start a thread on techniques for designers to effectively communicate (to the folks with purse strings) design strategy and innovation. To loosen up some spending.

Design Engine, what type of techniques or ways to talk to people, are you describing? Thank you.

Techniques for loosening the purse strings. Let me just state that designers are innovation experts and that is exactly what our customers we need in this recession. No matter if you a designer at a manufacturer or a design firm you customer is your boss or your companies client. Treat each the same.

Here are a few ideas and we should all brain storm this thing some. I don’t need to say no idea is a bad idea…

Create an air of opportunity to the customer.

Now is the time to build our new product innovation team.

We need a budget for x dollars because of the recession.

our competition is not spending money on innovation in this hard time so we should.

One problem some companies have is their sales teams are not able to move any product because no one is buying. So give them something to sell. The customer has anxiety about the shaky economy. Take that anxiety away and give them something new to sell. Convince them with your new innovation, or innovation team that you can re-invigorate the sales enthusiasm. Now your talking to the business owner.

Spawn a special operations team within you company to sniff out opportunity. Learn from the buyers at Walmart and Target what is moving off the floor and bring that information back to the team. Brainstorm using that information as a base.

What do people do during a recession. They don’t have a job so they do the house projects that have been on that list for years. They build a deck in the back yard or put in a garden.

Nesting was a big word after nine11 … what does ‘nesting’ mean exactly and how can we apply that term to our products or potential products or innovation ideals.

Lets keep these ideas coming … fuel off key words like opportunity, innovation, nesting, home improvement, even anxiety. Our training organization switches gears some during recessions.

Design engine has survived only one recession … the one after nine11… and we did so thru ‘anxiety’ We made our money retraining engineering contractors so they could compete more efficiently and competently. if Anxiety reaches above the threshold it can become distress and thats BAD. You can use Anxiety to your advantage in business as well. Anxiety is there anyway, use it to your advantage.

I would like to see us brainstorm Anxiety, innovation, ideation and opportunity to loosen some purse strings.

The way I will reason it is, look, in this time, no matter how much you put in sales or marketing, the numbers will be down simply because people aren’t spending. So that’s important is we have to be prepared when people are ready to spend, therefore, we need to think about what people want to buy then. Whatever product or service it may be, it definitely need to be good enough for people to fork out their precious dollars, and it must be relevant to the context then. So we need to invest in “then”, not “now”(trying to sustain current sales numbers).

If we can get a head start “then”, we will be ahead of the competition.

advertising agency people will tell you that companies should spend more on advertising (maybe biased) during an economic downturn.

sure the numbers are down. sux

I think it a healthier thread if we can come up with ideas instead of making fret

With the big companies cutting their TV advertising I’m seeing the crap beginning to emerge on the tube. While watching Friends last night I saw a 30 second spot selling sex-creme for both him and her.