Any Interaction Design Grads from SVA or Parsons?


I am an international student who will be applying to both the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design and Parson’s Design & Technology MFA programs on a Fulbright scholarship. I would really appreciate any views and opinions on both programs…since I live abroad, it’s really hard to tell what the programs are like apart from the information they put on their websites. How well ranked and known are both programs in the field of interaction design? How are they different? What about the schools themselves? What are their approaches to design? Would you recommend one over the other?

Thank you for your replies.

Hi Everyone,

I have applied for exactly the same course in Parsons and SVA. I got through Parsons, still need waiting to get a reply from SVA. I am an International student as well, and confused which one would be a better option.

It would be great if some one could help me out with this… Some suggestions maybe?