Any ID'ers who also have interior design backgrounds?

Just curious because I am currently attending school for ID but am thinking of doing a double major in Interior Design as well. I really love both disciplines. It would be a degree in ID with a concentration in interior design, as my advisor told me. I do see somewhat of a connection between the two disciplines but at the same time, lots of differences. I feel it will be to my advantage to have another design discipline under my belt and be more marketable and also broaden my job search upon graduation. Thnx.

I graduated from with a BFA in industrial design but the summer before my senior year I took an internship at an exhibit design firm. From there, I decided to take a retail design class and an interior drawing class, but of which solidified my interest in interior design.

After graduation I took a job with a great retail design firm and have been there for 3 years now.

There are many IDers in the retail design field. Our president and also our creative director are both ID grads.

The connection between the two fields is greater than most think. We design “products” on a daily basis. The products just happen to be furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, lighting, etc.

I could go on and on…

email me if you want to discuss the options further.

Good luck!


Maybe I should rephrase my question. :slight_smile:

Has anyone gone on to major in 2 design disciplines, while in school and graduate with a double or dual major, such as Industrial/Interior design, etc??

Just curious and how that worked out for you and in your career. Thanks.

Sorry, one more clarification. These two design majors both share ALOT of studio classes in common, which my advisor told me I can satisfy for both majors, and then I can just take the necessary core classes for the Interior Design program. But he told me it would not be a double major (I assume that it’s because they share a lot of those studios classes in common and they are not totally opposing majors), but a major in ID with a “concentration” in Interior Design. I was just worried that if I decided to go into interior design, they would be harping on why I have an ID degree instead of an Interior design degree. I was thinking of switching it around to an Interior Design degree with a concentration in ID instead. Also, another reason is that for certification for interior design (good thing ID’ers don’t need to study and take a licensing exam!), they have certain regulations I was reading about ( and I am not sure which one applies to me. :frowning: Can anyone help me out with this one. Sorry for the lengthy post.

I majored in Interior Design with an emphasis on lighting. Interned while I was still in school, doing interior lighting design with projects calling for custom lighting fixtures and lighting restoration. Now I work solely with just fixtures.

I had a lot of catching up to do as far as materials and manufacturing processes and what not. If I would do it all over again, I would major in Industrial Design and minor in Interior Design.