any ideas about barber chair for children?

i am currently doing research for the new product development of barber chair for children or babies,is there anyone who would kindly enough to give me some advice or some info about that? :slight_smile:

What have you come up with so far? Ideation sketches?
It usually helps to have something to show before you post, seems to get a better response. Just an observation.
Anyways, here is something to get you started: ERC unit

Add a chinstrap and your golden :smiley:
look foward to seeing what you come up with,

thank u ,it’s a good idea!i think of several functions for this chair.1.washing hair 2 safety belt 3 adjust the height 4 adjust the angle 5 have a table to put toys on 6 play animation and music 7play board 8ride bike.which r the functions needed?

and also,what does ERC unit mean??i don’t understand

You need a HANS device to keep their heads from dodging!

ERC = Emergency Restraint Chair. It is essentially an improved rolling straight jacket for dealing with violent, or psychotic inmates or patients.
I joking around with the idea that you could strap them down because children don’t sit still, and thus end up with crooked haircuts.
And definately order one with the HANS :slight_smile:

maybe you can put a pillow for their necks, like the one we get in the airplanes. So it works like this, it kinda holds the child’s neck firmly, so the head won’t move about, but it gives comfort for the child…so if the barber really hates the child, he/she would be able to strangle the kid, hehehe…only joking! show some drawing then…

if the barber really hates the child, he/she would be able to strangle the kid, hehehe…only joking!

Joking!?!? It sounds like a perfectly workable solution to me.

When asked if he liked children, W.C. Fields responded, “Why, yes. If they are prepared properly.”

thank u for u all,it’s of great help for me!
and i also have another problem,is there anywhere i can find ergonomics data about asian child?

Ther erc model for design is a workable so;lution, but its seems questionable if parents would be too eager to let you strap their kids into a chair.
On the subject of ergonomics data, you should be searching for antropometrics data as that is what the data table seem to be called.
If you are really serious about this project you could try the paid site

or a free database (a little outdated and for american children)

You could probably find the scaling factor online for asian children in reference to American children (I’d guesstimate it to be about 85-90% by age).

Anyways I have to go and build foam models for my studio class,
hope it helped,

just an opinion,
is it must that babies also need to have hair cut in the same way adults have. while sitting and that too while they are awake. can’t barbers take a bit more effort in hair cutting of kids when they are sleeping or playing??

why to tie them down like criminals for a HAIR CUT . con’t we be little more sensilble and avoid a equipent at all for baby hair cut. insted develop a method for hair cut which both the parents and the kids will love.

hair cut can be a surprise for kids when they wake up with a new hair style.

How about a robot that lets you sit on it’s lap while it cuts your hair and smokes a cigar…

This was my childhood dream… oh memories…

i think it need a bot

:smiley: :smiley:
in my opinion ,it donot nend so much function

I remember some high end outdoor mall either in Cincinatti or Chicago that had a babie’s haircutting studio, with these little pods decorated like rollercoaster cars for the little kids to sit in… one that looked like a train, or a car, or animals or something-- maybe it was a franchise…