Any hope for Photoworks?

So I’ve been using SW/Photoworks for two years…and in that time have been able to achieve some decent renderings…occasionally finding myself cleaning them up in Photoshop afterwards to reach my visual desire. I started with Photoworks 1 in SW 2003…and then moved onto SW’04 and PW2. But most of the time I find myself going back to Photoworks1.

I realize Photoworks is far from a “desired” rendering package…I usually just use it due to its integration with SW. I am starting to find myself lusting after other product renderings…not being able to achieve the same effect in Photoworks.

I’m sure that some other firms do use Photoworks…I remember IDEO had a phone/PDA tutorial online last year that achieved a nice end result. The more I search though, I can hardly find any examples of decent renderings by Photoworks. Does anyone even use PW anymore? I have found the standard examples of the toaster, R/C car, and Lego car…but I never find any others.

SW 2005 is coming out soon (or maybe just came out) but I’m not sure many revisions were made to PW.

Just curious if any other designers are frustrated with Photoworks:

  1. What are your complaints?

  2. What package would you switch to…(or have switched to)

  3. Is it worth the extra effort of exporting from SW to another program…if time is an issue…only to achieve a slightly better effect?

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

I started a new job two months ago and had Solidworks 2004 installed on my system. I tried Photoworks for all of a week and said screw it! First off there is no real control over camera position or FOV/persepective (a necessity for a rendering program as far as I am concerned). I don’t care much for the interface either - very counter intuitive. The material editor is a joke.

The IT dept at work finally installed my copy of Autodesk VIZ 2005 last week and I have no plans to use anything else. Using GI is as simple as placing a “Skylight” light in your scene and telling it to cast shadows. All in all, very much worth the $2000 Autodesk charges for it. If things pick up with my freelance rendering work on the side, I may buy Viz 2005 for myself also.

Thanks for the input. I’ve been looking into Cinema4d or possibly 3d max with one of the plug-ins they offer for rendering. Lately I’ve been pretty down on Photoworks so I think I need a change :slight_smile:

brazil or render man - i have a folio on coroflot with some photoworks renderings

Could you explain what you mean? I understand that it’s not the best package out there, but here’s my controlled FOV/pespective

Also How is the interface counter intuitive? I don’t mean start a back and forth ‘battle-of-the-posts’ but I honestly would like to know what aspects of the interface are counter intuitive. I’ve never had a course in software UGI, but have always been interested in it.

Thank you.

Your image illustrates my point.

I want to be able to say I am using a 35mm camer with a 45 degree FOV - Solidworks dummies that down to 5 perspective settings. Hardly useful when you want to do any kind of compositying/camera matching. Try Rhino’s or 3DS MAX’s orbit tool and then go back to soliworks - you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The Material editor/librarian again is like nothing from a true rendering program. Try MAX or Maya and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Ok, I got your point on the camera matching (although it accepts numbers like 3.3 and 0.1, and 0.001 (not just 1,2,3,4,5)) I own Rhino 3, and I love the camera matching there. I have access to 3D max too and studied it in school, (never tried matching though) but I know both of those programs.

Don’t get me wrong, Rhino is by far my favorite app. and I honestly believe the SW are copying Rhino’s tools after every Rhino release (next they’re gonna copy the Sporph tool)

And as much as I don’t like SW for who they are (giants with no soul, same goes for the software) I think you’re not giving credit where credit’s due. It’s a simple rendering package, and it does just that.

I was hoping to hear HOW the interface is counter intuitive (that was my question after all, sorry if I wasn’t clear).

And to answer the 3 initial questions:

  1. It’s a basic renderer (so there’s the basic advantage/problem)
  2. Whatever I feel will be better for a job (max, rhino(rhinorender/treefrog), photoshop, POVray(free) with MORAY(GUI))
  3. I dont think it is, unless absolutely necessary.
  • we have a tendency of only looking through our eyes, but in the eyes of a lot of clients even black and white renderings from rhino are really good)

Brazil will soon be intergrated into rhino

At what cost? You can’t tell me Rhino will continue to retail for $895 if the upcoming version makes use of Brazil.

I’m curious to see if it will still be competitive with software like Viz 2005 and/or Maya. If McNeel wants to keep my business with the next version of Rhino, they will have to make the upgrade price very attractive or give me the option to add Brazil funcionality separately.

From reading the NewsGroup regularly (of Rhino) it appears that the brazin will be ‘supported’ by rhino directly. They never mentionned that it’ll be included in the sale package. That’s as far as I understand the matter.


I’ve been using SW for two years…n been to some SW demo…know bout photoworks…but get this…i jes dunno how to use them…

THANX :smiley: