Any good new books about Industrial design?

I just wonder any new books or good books about industrial design that you would like recommend. Thanks

“The industrial design reader” by Carma Gorman…a collection of writings by famous designers and thinkers, a great survey of the major theories in design history.

I just bought Designing the 21st Century , I guess its more of a coffee table book, however it does have a ton of great photos. 100 designers are asked about the future of design and the book is split up into each designer’s answer as well as brief bio and some pictures of their work.


spoon is fantastic! again a coffee table book but very inspirational!

I am in the process of reading “Emotional Design: Why We Love or Hate Everyday Things”, by Donald A. Norman.

Norman is the author that brought us “The Design of Everyday Things”. This book a great follow-up. It seemed as though The Design of Everyday Things was written from a strictly functional aspect. Here it is almost 25+ years later and Norman is reinvestigating everyday things. This new book is a great juxtoposition. He poses the questions, why would we buy a poorly functioning product if we have an emotional connection to it? I thought that it was funny that he uses some of Michael Graves products for examples.

So you think “Emotional Design: Why We Love or Hate Everyday Things” is a pretty good reading book. I might go to get one.

Architorture & Harveyball, Thanks for the imfornation. I just order these two books.
Freddie & Switch, Thanks your guys too although I ready had those two books. The are pretty good reference books. Do you have any other books to recommend?

Just a quickie comment…

Did you want to or are u studying industrial design now? OR Are you just looking for some inspirational reading?

Why I ask is because there HASN’T been a book that I have read that I couldn’t relate to ID (in one way or another). You’ll be surprised at how inspirational thought and decision making could stem from totally unrelated material, or even from reading about other design disciplines and processes.

Keep an open mind and ear. That’s all I have to add. :smiley:

I am just looking for some inspirational reading. Of course, as an ID guy, you always have to keep your mind and ear open. But sometimes it is good to have some reading to improve thearetical knowledge.

Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek

yer just gonna hafta read it 'casue there aren’t no pictures…

im not too crazy about papanek,
norman’s “design of everyday things” was awesome, ill defiitely have to chekc out the follow up

also- reading “art of innovation” right now. it is also a pretty good read, altho it makes design seem a loooooot simpler than it actually is.