Any good movies for designer?

Does anyone have suggestions for movie titles?

Powers of Ten

That one about intermittent wind shield wipers starring Lieutenant Dan.

If your definition of good is relative.

Not about design per-say, but the movie “An Engineer Imagines” is pretty cool. It’s about Peter Rice and his collaborations.

Tucker was a big motivation for me when I saw it in high school. I haven’t though about it, but that’s my dream job: find a visionary to toss me the keys for the design. I haven’t found it to be in true in the real world, yet :smiley:

The Story of Plastic.

(stop with movies, watch a documentary and take action!)

Wow… thanks guys, will watch those movies for this weekend. Appreciated it!!

The Pentagon Wars

North by Northwest

Good short movies can be an alternative to the full-blown popcorn experience.
I just discovered a great sci-fi filmmaking platform on YouTube called Dust:

Dust is pretty great!

I would argue that looking at any well-made movie through the eyes of a designer is a worthwhile exercise. A lot of the things we talk about and strive for as designers - subtly guiding user experience, artistic intent and expression through a commercial product, etc. - become really evident and enlightening when you start to break down plot and character the same way you might form and function.

We like to silo off film as a purely artistic expression, but at the end of the day it’s often just as much a blend of logical decision-making and problem-solving as it is intuitive and creative artistic expression. That’s a definition for design if I’ve ever heard one.

+1 to Jeff above. Watch anything from David Fincher. Paraphrasing him from an older interview “I’m the director, right? I’m the one who’s supposed to know what the **** I want”. Lighting, sound, composition, pace, directing the talent, take after take after take. And he’s been doing it long before he was making blockbusters.

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Was gonna say the same.

The man has a great eye for visual design and aesthetics.

Fight Club springs to mind.