Any good conferences for our field?

I’m setting up my budget for next year and would like to add some conferences into it. You guys have any suggestions of any that are worth checking out? I typically don’t come across them until it’s a month or so out and it’s harder for me to get approval then. At the moment I only have Pack Expo on my list and then there’s DrinkTec, but that occurs every few years.

I have never been, but the Fuse conference is supposed to be great.

Not to try to hijack, but do you ever get anything out of Pack Expo? I find it very engineering heavy and not worth the money.

This will be my first time going to Pack Expo. All the other designers would snag the opportunity to go before I remembered about it. But my initial thoughts are much like you said. I’m looking for stuff more like Fuse to book in my scheduale. Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot about them.

I came across this one today. Don’t know if you are intersested.