Any good Class-A surfacing workshops?

Hey guys and gals,

First post here. I’m looking for a good class/course/workshop on Class-A automotive surfacing using ALIAS. I’m located in the SF/Bay Area, but I would like to hear about anything and anywhere…

I’m a mostly self-thought CAD user seeking to learn how to do some top notch surfacing.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks, but I’ve already followed that guide.

Like I said, I’ve gone down the self-paced route; I am now looking for some professional guidance/tutoring.

design engine has a couple a-class surfacing classes specifically in Pro/ENGINEER and or Alias. We started to put one together for solidworks because its capable now but…
I teach this intesive but it is strongly suggested that you take this within the week long proe surfacing workshop as a week long intensive.
this page needs updating to include direct modeling and managing continuity and a-class work flow. This is a good workshop if your training to get your self together to redo your design portfolio for auto mobile interviews.

we are close to doing one in Rhino but no one really calls for it in Rhino.