Any FREE online Rhino model libraries?

I work for an exhibit design company and I always need random models…like a horse saddle for example.

Are there any free online Rhino model libraries? Something similar to google sketchups massive free model library?

You may already know but just in case you don’t, the .skp models found in the online database can be opened in rhino.

Also, Rhino is compatible with many other formats found in online databases… (i.e. turbosquid - .3ds)

I know the skp and like models are polygonal based, but if you do not need nurbs surfaces it might be worth looking into?

I’m running Rhino right now and any .skp files don’t show up when I look for them using either open or import. I have Rhino 3, does this only work in 4?

The answer is yes, it works in Rhino4. Great!
Good luck.

try 3d content central, download iges files.