Any feedback much appreciated!!

Hi, I am a recent ID graduate from Victoria University in New Zealand. I would very appreciate it if you could quickly view my portfolio and provide some feedback. I would really like to get an idea of what to improve. Currently it’s on Coroflot, but I am working on a proper website.

Thanks so much!!


It is a little hard for me to understand how to evaluate your work. It feels maybe a little too “Nine Inch Nails” for me, and it would be nice to see at least one practical project. From a grad I would expect to see 5 projects or so as well as a more clear demonstration of relevant skills and a bit more understanding of the professional process.

Hey, thanks a lot. I have heaps of projects I can add to it.

Is 5 an ideal number of projects for a graduate?

Do you think more technical drawing would help, or some physical models, or maybe just clearer evidence of a “design process”.
I will post up the website when it’s done.
Any more feedback would be awesome, thanks everyone!

I’m missing a story here. The communication of your design process, the why, how, and what, are all obfuscated by the Da Vinci style decoration. Also not really clear what type of designer you are.

I’m having similar problems as Yo and Tarng.

The book light example seems like it should have a fairly rich and compelling STORY and PROCESS to go with that shows the journey of HOW and WHY you did what you did, but also a compelling story of the object its self that makes me care and WANT to dig deeper.

I going to assume you are an industrial designer. I think the main issue to me is that you’re trying to turn your portfolio into art, instead of a presentation of your work. The portfolio should not be the focus - you need to try to excite and interest people with your work, not the design of your portfolio (which to me is inappropriate anyway). Like has been said above, the why needs to be explained for your designs, and especially for something like the 3D printer, the how as well (I couldn’t tell how you actually use it). Don’t just scatter sketches, make them mean something. And if you’re going to do something like make a person into a skeleton on the next page, have a reason. Again, it is about the work, not the portfolio.

Thanks a lot everyone. This is all good stuff and I really appreciate it. I definitely understand that I need to show a clearer process of design (the “how” and “why” for each project) and tell a compelling story.

I am trying to go for something other than a “traditional” industrial design portfolio by way of expressing an emotional and poetic component to each project, but this may currently be over-riding the clarity of the process.

I would really appreciate any more feedback, thanks!!

A portfolio is typically the means (showing your process, thinking, and skills) to an end (a job). All poetry and artistic intent aside, what do you want to do? Where do you want to work? I’m not seeing much in applicable skills/process/thinking for most I’d oriented jobs. Fine art, perhaps, but that’s a different story.