any designer race drivers?

i’m just looking for other people in these threads who are involved in motorsports as a hobby.

autocross, roadracing, HPDE, etc.

i’ve been involved with the SCCA for many years. i moved up through the autocross ranks, rallycross, hillclimbs, rallies, etc. i competed in club racing in Improved Touring and more recently in Spec Miata over the last few years. mostly regional sprints, but also a few 6-10 hour enduros.

i enjoy it. working over a car is pretty relaxing to me, maybe it’s a sickness. :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of cars are you running (other than the miata?)

My brother and I are finishing up a rebuild of his E30 M3, and he plans on doing some autocross with it this summer. Personally, I’d like to get into it, preferably with an E30 as well, but a Miata might be more affordable for me.


I have a Lotus Europa that I have a love-hate relationship with (seems to be common with most Lotus owners! :laughing: ). I’ve yet to get into any kind of auto-x or other sanctioned events with it, but would like to at some point in the future. My modifications, while not anything that wouldn’t have been done to improve performance when new, puts it into an auto-x class that it would not be competitive in without further extensive work. It would be a blast, though. :smiling_imp:

I run about 4 or 5 Autocross/Solo II events per season, and am trying to get out to more track days.

Next year, if I can finish my motorcycle project, I might be doing some vintage road racing, as well. Fingers crossed…

i’ve run a lot of different cars over the years. it’s a hobby for me.

i’m more of a suspension freak than motor-building, though that has changed over the last couple of years.

i had an ITA escort gt ('91) i ran for about 3 years. mazda engine and underpinnings. it was fun and reliable, but the 5th gear was too short and the hondas would eat my lunch on longer tracks.

autocross is a great way to get the basics of performance driving down without spending a lot of money. the seat time is lacking like that you can get from an HPDE (high-performance driving event), like an open track. most of the people are great to be around and the cars are pretty interesting. i used to rallycross a mazda 323 GTX i had a while back (AWD, turbo 2 door hatchback). it’s great to learn how drift and pendulum turn.

at my last location, there was a roadcourse less than an hour from me. for $60-65, you could run the track from 5pm till dusk(about 3-4 hours) in the summer and early fall. i feel i developed my technique more by doing that.

ah…the lotus europa. i remember those. there is a salvage yard near me now with two of those up on their roof. i knew a woman in virginia who autocrossed a stunning yellow one with pretty good success.

i built up my street miata over the last two years. i added a turbo and electronics, beefed up the driveline and suspension. i was running 12-14 psi before i removed it. 210hp at the wheels in a 2200lb car is scary-fun. i rebuilt the and modified the head this past winter and am going to install a supercharger at some point. my wife misses the extra power it used to have, i don’t miss riding in it with her while the doorhandles led the way :stuck_out_tongue: . my other car is more of a daily driver, but i added suspension modifications to make the commute more interesting (wider tires, konis, springs, larger rear swaybar, camber control arms).

i can’t leave a stock car alone. :smiley:

oh, for autocross, it’s all about the driver anyway. while modifications move you into “tougher” classes, a good driver trumps all.

…up to a few years back i had raced since i was about 10…started with go-karts and ended with a 1/2 mile asphalt oval modified…most fun you can have with your clothes on…


i thought about buying a 125cc shifter cart…it’s quite a bit cheaper than a full cage touring car and rig.

…you got big ones to go that fast w/o any real protection outside of a helmet and leather…i’ve been upside down in a kart more times than i care to remember and was luck to walk away each time but not without breaking a bone or two…i gotta have a five point harness and a full cage to go that fast now-a-days…i want to keep what i got left…

i’ve been in the shifter carts before. the nomex suits have to have special heat shields in the arm and leg areas because of the heat. i always wear a ring, too, no suspension makes your head bobble and snap around. the second time i was in one, i was spun and hit. the seat are so snug, they are really designed to hold you in around the ribs. well, when the cart behind me hit me, the seat did it’s job a little too well and i had cracked and bruised ribs. a lot of the karters now use flak jackets, like quarterbacks and runningbacks use to protect the rib cage.

scariest expereince i’ve had was shunting and barrel rolling a a car along the wall at waterford hills. i walked away, the cage really held up well.

I am a Pratt Grad and a SCCA national driver… Before junior year of school, where I lost all my time… I ran a S2000 in the CO rocky mountian division… I am running my first race in 2 years in sept. the Zippo Vintage race at the Glenn in Upstate NY… I am running a alfa GTV…

i am jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

do they stick you in with the trans am cars in that vintage series?

loooooove the sound of that car at full boogey.

You know I have never run this Vintage race before. I think I am running with austin healys, Sprits, and production cars of the calaiber. My dad ran it in the GTV a few years ago I forget which cars they stuck him with…

The funniest thing is we are just transfering my SCCA license to vintage, but they want to have a discussion with about how Vintage is differnet from SCCA… That cracks me up… Like I am going to run some old guy in his Ferrari off the track…

yes, i like the vintage racing rules, but i think too many trailor queens show up and pissed off doctors can’t believe how someone could bump them.

i am more familiar with the vscda rules are regs and considered buying a prepped 914 a few years back. the FVs look like fun, but open wheel contact makes me nervous. from the vscda events i’ve been to, you sure couldn’t tell they were trying to avoid contact. drafting and 2-3 wide was pretty common.

on that note, i’m glad the scca is cracking down on contact, but they may be taking it to the extremes. i wore my beaten fenders and donuts on my old ita car like a badge of honor. :stuck_out_tongue:


just go try it.