Any design sites or forum like core77?

I wish to put a bad name on this school SPD to prevent students from applying to this crap school and waste their money. Are there any sites that are similar to core77?
Pissed Off

What’s SPD?

there are tons of crap schools that waste students’ money around, yours is just one of the many.

It is a design school I talked about dumb ass.

Looks like you fit in there pretty well huh?

Now there’s the old forum fires I missed so much! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!

People actually do enjoy watching others get insulted? How peculiar.

I’m not a shrink or a Taiwanese, but it seems like your anger already
went too far that it started to hate everyone else except yourself.
Take it easy…guys.
Do we really need to see these hateful stuff in this Design website?
Especially insulting someone else’s country is pretty provocative.
The time like this…people are actually killing and dying over the war, and
as a design people, we should feel a bit shame about what we are saying or even making.
Dicrimination should be out of here as well as in other places.

Pissed off, sorry about your incident, but as many others are suggesting, there will be a way to get yor $$ back. We are hearing you. But if you are honest and brave enough, you won’t criticize others in here.

I appologize to the Taiwanese guy. I just wanted him to get a life for a while…go out and try not to spend so much time writing letters…

Pissed Off

I have no idea how I have provocated you. You are the one asking how to spread bad words about the school you applied to. Then you accused me of insulting people? If you have time, can you kindly prove it?

I did not read your other thread till just now. I’m sorry that you are such a state. Perhaps you can go to a lawyer, or even the Italian department of Education. It’s useless trying to throw your anger around. It will just make you look bad.

My school only makes us pay half the tuition in the middle of the semester. If it were to ask for tuition fee before I even got into the school, I’d rather give up the placement.

chill out dude…try not to let it get the better of you…sounds like it could be worse, actually stuck there trying to justify getting your degree from a bs place…

does anyone even answer others’ questions?

Thanks tallpuma!!!

This is the original Pissed Off. I asked a simple question and all I got are off tangent answers. Please answer my first question! If I were a customer who wants a wicked motorbike design- are you gonna give me a truck?

Pissed Off

there’s a search button somewhere up there.

This question must’ve been brought up once or twice, I vaguely recall reading a similar post.

I personally am not aware of any other forums like this one…


Pissed Off /Hello is the dumb fuk who lost his money and cried on that other thread. Stupid fuck got no job offers last year so he runs back to school. Or TRIES! And they rip him off! ROTFLMAO! What a fukkin loser! Cream of ID crop! :exclamation:

Hey asshole, who the hell is Hello? I only posted a couple to warn people about this school SPD so that they will not make a mistake in the future.

Do you speak English? I guess not. You can’t even spell “fuck” right. I read some of the postings on the other thread. You must be Y2J with the crappy portfolio. Or, a pathetic loser who’s got no life. Dude, just chill. Don’t take personal when people critique your work.

Pissed Off

Thought this sounded familiar.

If not same person then maybe they should met. hehe (pay first to post)

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