any deadlines still open?

had applied to DAAP n IIT , have been shown the door there :frowning:
i was wondering if there are ne schools out there where the deadlines are still open,and which may accept candidates with a not good GPA.
also , does ne1 have ne idea , if its a good idea to apply to the same school for the next sem , when uve been rejected once.
since the schools dun tell tell where i fell short , how do i make out?
i believe my GRE , Toefl n portfolio were rather decent , but…
does ne1 have ne suggestions?

on graduate school websites i’ve seen before, they suggest not coming back to them with an application unless you’ve made significant improvements in various areas that might make you a more attractive candidate.

i think schools should be open to discussing why you were turned down so you don’t have to play guessing games about where you fell short for next time around, give them a call while you’re still fresh in their minds!

i wish you luck!


i am a fairly good student (junior) at DAAP… i am currently interning at NIKE… just interned at Design Continuum… just to give you my background.

i didnt get accepted into DAAP out of high school or even my first year at the university of cincinnati (general studies)

my second year at UC i changed my major to fine arts… just to get my foot in the door at daap… fine arts accepts 2.5 gpa and up.

from there i transfered into design the next year. it was an extra year but what the hell… it was worth it.

this is a good suggestion not only for daap but anyother school you may try to get into… go… and just dont take no for an answer.

design schools will overlook a low gpa for an outstanding portfolio. maybe you should put your portfolio up on Coroflot and ask for feedback from others?

have you taken a look at the kind of portfolios are up on coroflot?

also check out columbia college in chicago


At this point of time i think all schools will be processing applications ,rather u can work on ur portfolio and get back next year so that u can have a much better chance…

good luck

I think RIT has rolling admissions, you might be in time for the fall