Any CIA Students or Alums? A few questions...

This is looking to be my top choice as of now. Initially applying just to have more schools, the more I read about them on this board it seems like a very solid choice.

I have read that they have a 5 year program, but from the curriculum they sent me it’s a 4 year? Is the 5 year optional?

How are the facilities, buidings, campus? I heard that there really isn’t a campus cause it’s a really small school. I saw the enrollment numbers of 500, which seems really small.

Another question is about the actual location. What kind of city is Cleveland? Clean? dirty? weather? Everything in the Midwest just sounds really boring. I don’t know what’s going around there.

Whats around CIA? Anything that might be remotely interesting.

Thanks guys.

Currently Cleveland is under going a turn around due to all the home foreclosures that struck the people in the area due to the economy. Cleveland and its vicinity were one of the hardest hit areas in the nation with this dilemma. Hopefully the area will start revitalizing in a few years once the economy hits the bottom of this wave and starts its climb back up.

Cleveland has always been known for it’s manufacturing capabilities, which are still prevalent even today.

Some interesting areas are the Flats and the Warehouse District. They both provide a little night scene.

Due to Cleveland residing next to Lake Erie you will have colder winters with a lot of lake effect snow from the winds blowing down from Canada or across from Mitten State. You’ll also have more humid summers due to all the moister from the lake.

A couple of classmates of mine picked up and left AIP for CIA. I can’t really tell you too much about the program. I think “yo” attended CIA for a short stint, hopefully he will chime in. I’ve seen great things come from CIA!

CIA is also in collaboration with the other design related organizations around the Cleveland area developing the “District of Design”. Cleveland is trying to become the product design capital of the US if this says anything to you.

I forgot to ask, where are you currently residing?

What’s AIP?

I’m in Albany NY, so “Upstate NY”. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I did spend a summer in the city (NYC), can’t say if I prefer that to the suburbs or not, but I think I can adapt either way.

AIP = Art Institute of Pittsburgh

I did a one semester exchange at CIA back in 1997. Loved it! A lot of CIA grads here.

I’m a CIA grad & would highly recommend it. It was 5 year program when I went, now it’s a 4 year program. The ID dept. is great and had relationships with lots of companies for internships, etc.

Cleveland is a small city that always seems to be going through rough financial times. But, the University Circle area where CIA is is very nice. The main CIA building is in the shadow of Case Western’s Weather head school - a Frank Gehry building. The campus is unexciting in terms of night life, etc. CIA has 2 buildings that are a few blocks from each other, but the school is on the CWRU campus that also houses the Cleveland Music School. So, you get more of a “big campus” experience while you’re in a school of 500. And they just re-opened the mighty Euclid Tavern, one of the only bars on campus.

Downtown Cleveland has some great areas for bars, restaurants, etc. CIA is across the street from the art museum which has an amazing collection. And there’s an auto museum right down the street, as well as a newly revamped nature center.

You’d have to visit it to decide if it’s right for you. If you’re really there to study ID, you won’t have much time to worry about what there is to do or how boring the Midwest is. You’ll be in the studio until the school closes every night.

Definitely hit that art museum and auto museum up many times while i was there. I just hired a CIA grad from '99.