any body with experiace getting a us visa work permit

Hey am from UK and just wondering if anybody had moved from UK - to US and what was like the process with the hole work visa, any tips or pointers.

if u have a job offer, your company will most likely sponsor your application. you will need a job offer first though. the visa process can move pretty quickly once the paper work is filed. it may be as little as 2 weeks to get the official ok to start work…it could take longer though.

“if u have a job offer, your company will most likely sponsor your application.”

That is not true. Unless you’ve experienced it first hand, dont’ say these generaliztions. Yes. What you said is basically right, but its misleading. Each case is specific, and there are different VISAs for different cases.

“Wowzers”…what is misleading about that statement? It said “if” and “most likely” There is nothing definite about either of those things. If you know how its done, please offer some advice.

I would like to but every situation is unique. I don’t want to generalize by saying “best bet is to see an immigration attorney”. Go on and look at some board posting.

it is some what misleading because for the next fiscal year 2005, beginning October 2004, there will be a maximum of 65,000 H1B visas issued. And 40,000 of them has already been issed ( info from the US immigration dept. ). Sure if you have a job offer, the company most likely will sponsor the application. But weather or not you get the visa is not guarantee, even if the application hands in on time. As a foreigner, without the H-1b visa or other type of work visa, you can enter the United States as a visitor( for example: B-1 visa), but not to work full time.

The website listed seems to focus on canadian. Arent the rules slightly different for them?

For what its worth, from my experience the lawyers working with the companies seem to know their stuff when it comes to forms and paperwork for an H1. In my opinion it is best to recieve a job offer and have the hiring companys immigration lawyers handle things for you. They will know what is going on and advise you on what you need and how things will progress.

The USCIS had announces that the quota for H-1 B is over for 2005 year. So, even you get a job offer now, you still cannot work. Try back again next year or you will have to work illegally. :open_mouth: