Any advice out there on who to use for International Moving?

Does anyone have experience shipping work internationally? I need to move three large furniture pieces from London to San Francisco/Oakland and I could use some advice on who to use. Any recommendations?


Bekins - they use nice boxes. They handled a move for us a long time ago (from Singapore to US) and were good then:

Also used Yellow Freight for moving a crate in the U.S. but they do intl. too:

I don’t have any personal experience with international moves, but I do have experience with state to state moves, and I know firsthand it’s littered with crooks!!! I’m sure the same can probably be said about international movers. A good website to check out is Goto the message boards and see what everyone has to say. Maybe this will save you the headaches that I experienced during a recent move.

how soon do you need this? i could ask some friends who are in shipping. I’ll let you know soon or by this week

ok, just got some news from a friend who does shipping for canada and the states.

he said he doesn’t do international but it will cost a lot depending on the weight and size. So his suggestion is to look up in your yellow page or local business book and get a price match. If you can’t find anything, go to google and locate Hellman International. They do international shipping.

hope this helps