Any advice on how to injection mold this form? How to change the design to be manufacturable?

Hello everyone. I’m an ID student at Virginia Tech and I’m trying to design this form to be manufacturable. For context, its a device that helps children get vaccines by (1) hiding the insertion of the needle, (2) makes the skin taut, and (3) creates a lot of sensory information around the insertion point to distract from the needle’s prick. The nurse places this over the injection point before the injection.

The center part breaks off from the body (and is disposed) and the child takes home the ring as a prize.

I’m looking for the best ways it can be injection molded or better ways it could be produced. My current thought is a different mold for each part and connecting them with a “twist fit”. I am interested to see how manufacturing constraints will change the form.

All help is really appreciated.

It would be helpful to see how the needle fits into this assembly.

But the bottom portion of the center part (labeling these things would also help), where it is flared. How about extending the slits further and then use a radial squeeze to remove it.

Also, your wall on the ring itself is quite thick. Cycle time will drive up cost.