Any 1 using flash? and comments on work.

Hi people.
I am fairly new to this forum, and in my first year of my BA in product design. Thus the examples of copies of work and none of my own ideas… we have a live project now thought, at last!

I am just wondering as we have a design graphics module and they seem to say that when rendering on the computer to do it in very systematic “slow” way. which makes things look more real and less stylistic. This normally means, either two way, one scanning in sketches and working with that as a base layer in Photoshop. Or using free hand, tracing and modifying the sketch to turn it into a vector.

Although personally i much prefer putting my work into Macromedia Flash, then using that as a base layer and quickly sketching over it, (betting better lines to work with in photoshop, and concentric circles etc. ) as it seems very user friendly, just clicking lines and dragging into place, and then if they overlap, clicking and deleting the area of the line that you don’t want. Just wondering if any else uses it, and what is the appeal in using illustrator or freehand???

below are a couple of rendering, the first one is something that i knocked up in flash in about 45min. It is mainly the line drawing, as the rendering facilities aren’t that advance, but shows what you can do in the program. (i guess rendering is a down full of flash… but then u just export it to Photoshop for that!)

Edit:- Just realised it isn’t finnished, buttons arn’t done… opps.

The other two below are Photoshop rendering, i really hated this program until about 4 months ago and really liking it now. Comments would be grateful; i can make a larger picture of any of them if u want a closer look.


Thanks in advance for any advice

I learned the style you are describing last semester and have really taken a liking to it. If you take the time to give your Illustrator/Photoshop renderings a certain level of detail they can look very convincing.

As for your work. very impressive for a first year student. however…

-I do not see a defined light source in any of your drawings. My rendering professor would make us draw an arrow that would represent where the light was coming into our paper. This way we knew exactly where to put our shadows and highlights.

-On your boom box your buttons and screen do not have enough detail to ldecribe what they are doing. this can easily be accomplished in Illustrator without the need for photoshop.

I tried to illustrate some of what I am talking about. It’s not perfect but I think it gets the point across. You can really take it much further it all depends on how long you want to spend on it. I’ve seen photo realistic Illustrator and photoshop renderings before. Its not always necessary but kind of cool.

keep it up.

good stuff man, esp for a first year, as mentioned above.

I’ve never seen an ID kid do a rendering like that in flash, but cool.

Ditto on the light source thing, personally I like a lot of contrast to really play up the volumes (as you can see on my link)

Nice job capturing the materials on the Nike (Vandal?), when rendering shoes it’s best to draw the profile in an “Ideal” type situation, normally when a sample comes back fresh from Asia it will have a foot form in it, maybe even a full last, this is kind of the ideal, no wrinkle, fresh outa the box look. Again, you can see some of mine.

The reflections aren’t working right now, with a straight ortho side view you can just mirror the image without distorting that, sometimes I’ll even airbrush a bit of white to look like it’s a polished surface.

Keep it up!