anthropometric data

Does anybody know a good source for anthropometric data of children aged 2-7??? Thanks

You may have heard of adult data, older data and child data. they are compillations of ergonomic and anthropometric research from all over the world. If you are a student you can phone the department of trade and industry in the united kingdom and they will send you the 3 x 300 page documents to you free of charge. Well that is if you are in the uk. As an international you may have to pay for the shipping but its well worth it. the information is comprehensie as you will get and a lot of stuff is as recent as 2000. Saying this I got the info early 2003 when there was a big initiative to promote the use of ergonomic data, you will just have to try.

heres the number for the DTI in london 0044 2072150383

Hope it is of help


Thank you!

:exclamation: :exclamation: Just remember that the anthropometric data changes from geographical area to geographical area due to economic, social, health and genetic factors, and from whom you are designing will determine the data you’ll have to use. So if you are not designing for UK children that data might not help you.