Anthropology Undergraduate who believes in intelligent desig

Hi, i am currently an undergraduate majoring in Anthropology who is due to graduate in fall. My true love lies in art + design, and I am constantly facinated by how the best designs (product/consultancy) has its genesis in cultural manifestations. I have strong inclinations to work in a company that also believes in doing the appropriate forms of research to build upon their design ideas that eventually lead to an intelligent product that utilizes the abstract qualities of taste, cultural preference, ergonomics.
Yet i do not have much resources to what exactly is required for a person like me to get a job in a design firm. I am aware of a couple of great design firms that are looking for people from the social sciences, but i am hoping someone could give me a deeper understanding into how these firms hire people like me. And is there a pre-requisite to their demands?
Lastly, i was hoping someone could give advice me on the level of competitiveness and perhaps a list of companies that are looking for people like me.


Just start contacting firms or companies whose work you like. You have a unique angle- and either get a polite no-thank you or someone who is passionate about it and will talk to you futher.

(I’m sure to catch crap from this), but the design world is really informal compared to other professional institutions- especially compared to the acedemic/research world.

As far as competition, it’s an extemely specialized specialty of a very small profession.

I agree with jimr. I think you wouldn’t have much of a problem setting up some informal information interviews over lunch or something, with some firms in your area or that you like.

The groups utilizing people with your background tend to be larger and have a more strategic approach, vs a group that does more tactical design services.

Thanks for the information guys. I reckon the best bet for me to gain leverage land a job is to work on a portfolio that includes an ethnogrpahy and concepts that could be translatable into a tangible or conceptual design.
By the way, does anyone know much about positions for Human factor specialist e.g. in companes like IDEO? Or any other similar positions in other design companies?

Thanks guys.