Anthropology to Industrial Design

I am pursuing Industrial design. I graduated five years ago with a BA in anthropology. I have been working as a carpenter since a teen and since my graduation. The last few years I have become much more of a craftsmen, spending a lot of time in the workshop and creating custom pieces of furniture and products for interior designers. I want to take this to the next level though. Industrial design. More material usage and a better understanding of how to create products outside of carpentry.
I do not want to lose out on any pertinent education if I pursue a master’s in ID. Academy of Art’s will accept me into the master’s program, but I do not want to be behind the bar starting off in this program. Is there anyone out there who has faced this dilemma and is working in the profession of industrial design. Will any lib. arts credits be accepted by different Industrial design programs/schools? Is an internship feasible before I continue my education? Should i take CAD/CAID classes, engineering courses, drawing/sketching classes before I apply. I would appreciate any feedback especially after this lengthy post.


It wouldn’t hurt to take a few sketching/CAD classes before you apply, maybe even audit a history of ID class if you can at a program. An anthropology degree can be very complimentary to an ID degree, and many ID firms employ anthropologists as researchers… something to think about.