Anson Cheung - ID portfolio website - Looking for feedback!

Hey everyone,

I’m a recent ID grad from RISD, and I’m currently interning at NASA, but will be looking for opportunities after that ends in September. I recently just got all my work sorted out and put up on my website and I’m looking for some feedback on my portfolio in terms of looking for a design consultancy entry level job / internship.

Do tell me if anything seems funny/isn’t working!

Thanks in advance!


lots of stuff to do at work today, but I skimmed through. In general, I think you need a bit more white space for your projects. With the condensed font you selected, it all becomes visually crammed and busy when you put everything so close to each other.

Another note: the NASA project was such a big team! Not sure if all those sketches are yours, but it may be good for you to give credit if it’s your groupmates’ (didn’t seem like some of those were in your style based off the razor project). Also, “gave positive feedback” is sort of lame… are you not allowed to specify more about where they’ll take your project?

Also not really sure why your main page width and your project widths aren’t the same. It would look much better if they were consistent in width, aligning with the header.

Overall, there’s good process and a story to each project, but they don’t build on each other. I’m especially confused with the stair project: was that more of a branding or social change or interior design project (for you)?

Hey Julius thanks for taking the time and the great feedback.

I agree that it does look a bit visually crammed right now. I’ll have to work on that and perhaps choose a different typeface.

The NASA project was indeed a huge team, but all the sketches shown are mine only. I also agree that the ending is kind of lame, but I’m really not sure how to frame it. Really they just gave us a bunch of feedback and I’m not sure they’re actually going to do anything with it. I am working at NASA now, and a lot of the concepts from that class are kind of feeding into the work I’m doing now, but I don’t think anything will directly come out of that project.

The page width should be an easy fix.

The Stair project is always a tough one to explain. It was supposed to be a service design project about health and changing people’s behaviours/attitudes. Any advice on how to frame that one more clearly in that light?


Like your overall architecture, I think your header could be a tad bigger, at least your name. Also, it would be nice if it remained at the top as you scroll to provide a constant reference point as you browse

As for the project presentation, I think there is a bit of clutter, but could be fixed if the images were bigger. Think of it this way, and this is something I often struggle with, you don’t want your website looking like a presentation of a presentation. Try to make the work come forward because that is what it is about.

As for order, I think the NASA project is definitely the most interesting and should go first or at least higher up because it wont show up on some browsers. The hand razor is good OG id stuff but I feel like I have seen it before (not in a bad way,it is well done and, is a good benchmark of skills but it just doesn’t stand out to me).

Anyway, just my two cents, have fun in Houston, it must be boiling down there these days.

Hey Erik

I’m definitely seeing the visual clutter as a problem, and am working on that now.

The NASA project is indeed the most exciting, but as Julius said above I think it needs a way to frame the ending better so its not so anti climatic.

My problem right now is deciding whether this is good enough to send out. I would like to have a job or internship by the fall, and I can keep fixing stuff or I can just send it out. What are your opinions?

I like it, real nice work and realization. Good navigation on the path that I took through it. Ready to send in my opinion. Best of luck with the next step!

Yo man, did you ever see my DM on Twitter? Sent ya an email, too. If you could take a look, much appreciated.

Apologies for the delay. Replied your email!

@nxakt thanks!

Made some minor changes to the site and the work. Tried to make it less visually cramped, changed the front page to show all projects, swapped out some images. Heavily reformatted the stairs project to make it more understandable.

Care to take another look and give some feedback guys? :slight_smile: