Another weird question

How does this forum work ? How are the avatars done ? I mean I just typed and a star came up ? Anyone actually reading the posts or are the stars auto appear after a certain number of posts are posted ? It seems to be happening on a Sunday midnight or Monday early early morning (1-2am ) US Time.

hope this question is ok.


Avatars are uploaded by the users. You can do this in your profile page. Avatars are 60 X 60 pixel images.

The stars under your name are ‘ranks’. They are based on the number of topics you’ve posted. Here is the breakdown:

step one 20 (one star)
step two 50 (two stars)
step three 100 (three stars)
step four 200 (four stars)
full self-realization 600 (five stars!)

I don’t think we do anything with the ranks other than show stars under your name. But perhaps we’ll give out prizes or something once you achieve full self-realization!

And yes, people do read your posts!

core77 admin: are you really the admin ?
I maen do you really carry a small cow ? Is it a plastic ?

So my guess was right: stars are posted according to the number of posts…(a little disappointed…thought it would be the quality of posts…)
so we could post and post til we drop and we would get 5 stars !

I like the idea of getting a prize… I’d like a large teddy !!
preferably a live and obedient one too !!

—ye old yet not that old cheery…
over the rainbow one crap day with mild hives, with soar throat, looking incredibly ugly…i want my face back !

It’s not a cow, it’s a huge cat. Heck, even my cat isn’t that big, though I do believe it’s Photoshopped.

Cherry…be careful how you throw around the term “Teddy.” If you got the type of Teddy I’m thinking of as a prize, I’d be a little suspect of the true intentions of this site!! ha ha ha

Sorry, WAY too much coffee today.


I’m not cherry, but ‘Cheery’.

maybe i should have nic named myself ‘curious’ instead…

thanks for the correction ! Thought it was a horned baby cow though it didn’t make much sense. Now with a less careless look, it is a cat !
damn, that cat is humongous mutant !!!

teddy is good. I’m not American so i know not what teddy really means. I only know its a bear, the type where the 4 limbs and plastic nose could make your day.

hello TEDDY !!

A teddy can also be s3xy lingerie…methinks that might be what 6ix may have had on the brain.


hmmmm…102 posts to go. My teddy will need to be large…and I look fat in red. So, let’s go for black. Its slimming.

ok so my teddy is not equal to the teddy you guys are talking about… hey you people are funny. I just said Teddy and it could span into a lingerie. I can’t imagine all the bears I have in my bedroom will end up as lingerie !!!
I prefer my cute soft toys and my chocolates though !
That is after i get this skin sorted out. But thanks anyway ! Now I know teddy isn’t always mean teddy !!