Another Wannabe Interior Designer

This forum’s COOL :laughing:

Well, where do I even BEGIN…Let’s see…

Me, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania back in May of 2003 with a BA in architecture. Since then, I moved back to NY and worked one year with a residential interior design company and currently i work in the store design department for Barneys New York. I know that what I want to do is interior design so I’m starting my MS in interior Design at Pratt in the fall. Luckily some of my undergrad classes are going to let me skip some of the qualifying courses (woo hoo!) and I’m hoping the masters will help me have more standing in firms and, of course, will bring me more money b/c right now i am poor as all HELL. And that’s not fun.

I still have to take out a private loan to cover my living expenses (ie RENT) for the year but other than that, I’m pretty much ready. I think the commute’s going to be trek for me b/c right now I live in the Inwood section of Manhattan which is above Washington Heights. But it’s too nice of an apartment to pass up with relatively low rent for a 1 bedroom.

I just had to post something b/c my head is like SPINNING right now with information. I’m excited about starting the MS in interior design but I’m scared too. Right now I’m going to work, trying to pay the bills, keep my head above water, finish my financial forms, fill immunization forms, start getting supplies. Talk about panic attack.

SO, all that being said, for those of you who are already in the Masters program in Interior Design, do you have any words of wisdom to share with a new grad student??? What classes are recommended? Are any of you guys feeling as frazzled as I am???

Also, :bulb: we interior design people should get together sometime before september and talk about, well, stuff. I think it’d be pretty cool to see where other people are coming from and just get acquainted before we’re thrown into classes together. Well, at least I think it’d be cool. :slight_smile:

Run, child! RUN!..go to your people! don’t forget to karate-chop your throw pillows for a fancy staged look!