Another Tablet Question...

Hi All,

At the moment I’ve got a Trust A4(ish) size graphics tablet which I’ve had for a few years and never really used that much. I’ve decided to start developing my sketching/rendering skills and have tried to do a few sketches in PS but the lines I get are really jerky and there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of sensitivity. I’m also having to keep clicking the pen off, then on the tablet to build up deeper colour which isn’t much better than a mouse - there appears to be a point where the flow of colour just stops.

I’m interested in getting a Wacom (either an Intuos3 A5 or a Graphire for about the same money, meaning I’d get a larger tablet) but price is a big consideration.

I usually sketch on A4 or A3 paper but usually get lots of smaller drawings onto a page.

My question is, will I find a big difference with a Wacom, will it be worth the money, and will I be ok with an A5 size? Also, will companies accept these images as examples of sketching? (oh if it helps, I have a 17" TFT monitor)

Thanks in advance for any help.


50+ views and no replies?

Anyone got any opinions or ideas?

dude dont worry about sketching with tablet or not no one really cares, what matters is a good ol bit of paper and a bic.

Tablets are good but no where near as hands on as old fashioned sketching. However that aside, I use and Intuos 3 A4, good bit of kit; but I never sketch with it, I use it daily for illustrator and photoshop work. As for sizes I ve always had an A4; A3 s are way too big giving you a soar arm after a couple of minutes, but A5 s are pretty good due to there size meaning you can hump it around with your laptop.


Thanks for the help matey (and for the other post). I guess I’ll go for an A5 model if it’s just going to be used for rendering my pencil sketches, as that sounds like the best compromise for me.

Incidentally, everyone seems to mention laptops, is it essential to have one? I’m thinking of getting a laptop so that when I’m at home I’m not isolated from my GF which I am when working on my desktop upstairs, but is it a must - would you take it to an interview for example?

Its a question loads ask here chap, laptops vs desktops, its like brown sauce vs ketchup!!!

Laptops offer portability whereas desktops offer power and value for money.
I’m in a pretty advantageous position where i get a laptop through work and desktop at home, so I kinda get best of both worlds, however for renders and stuff, desktop ALWAYS for me. Ist just a personal opinion but i find laptops too fiddly and screen size off putting, howeevr there is the option to hook up an lcd monitor to the laptop whilst working from home i guess.

ANyways… Dunno if what i said makes any sense but hope it helps, oh and if you want a ‘virtual’ coffee reagrding the other post don(t hesitate to hit me up at on messenger.